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New Moon in Virgo 2021

On September 6th, 2021 at 5:52 PM PDT the Sun and Moon are conjoined at 14 degrees Virgo 37 minutes. This New Moon in Virgo is a good one, with many positive possibilities.

Virgo is an Earth Sign, grounded and connected to the planet. It is a Mutable sign, bringing flexibility and adaptability to our emotions. This sign has the warmth of summer, and the cool aloofness of Autumn. It is the last month of Summer, and time to organize and clean out our “stuff” before the Equinox and the changing of the seasons. Virgo wants perfection, and strives to work hard to serve others in its quest for our highest good.

Virgo is the second Earth Sign of the Solar Year.The Earth element brings concern for worldly matters, and will fight for the underdog against injustice. It’s energy inspires caring for our planet, conscious of cause and effect, and taking responsibility for our actions. The energy is grounded in conservation and practicality.

Mercury rules the sign of Virgo, bringing with it a mental acuity and thoughtful interactions. An analytical take on what is happening opens us up to seeing the details in a detached way, enabling us to step out of our emotions and seek clarity and truth.

The Virgin is the symbol for Virgo. Virgin’s are pure and right. The symbol also encompasses fertility and the process one must undertake to bear fruit, in the field and at home. It is the sign of the harvest, and this maiden is sharing her cornucopia with the world.

We have a blessed Trine between the Sun and Moon, and Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus. These two Earth Signs are well aware that our planet and her people are connected and are being reconstructed, transformed and rebuilt under new conditions. Uranus is the planet of change that brings freedom, inventiveness and a new perception. We are being forced into the proverbial rock tumbler; wearing off our rough edges and shining and polishing us into a new version. We will be much more beautiful once this process culminates. It will take perseverance as we are given the clues to our transformation. The good news is the sign of Taurus is determined and steadfast, with the energy to see this through.

So when celebrating this New Moon, it is time to give thanks for our bodies, our consciousness, and to ask Spirit to place us where we are most needed. There are many changes happening around us from Summer ending, to our world in chaos. It is time for those random acts of kindness with no expectation of reciprocation. As with the harvest and the abundance Summer has brought us, it is time to share, be generous. Consider we are all one humanity, and what goes around comes around. What do you have to share? Is it a talent or skill? An overabundance of garden fruit and vegetables? A warm conversation really listening to another and helping however you can? The Virgo energy urges us to simplify, as in cleaning out a closet. I bet there is something in there to share in a giveaway. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and there is always someone in need.

So on this beautiful evening, before the Sun sets in our time zone, it is time to build your altar with your “harvest”, be it flowers, fruits, crystals, rocks; all Earth gifts. Make it beautiful, a true inspiration, and let your creativity flow! Once you have set your sacred space, bring yourself into a deep contemplation, meditation. Breathing in and out deeply and slowly, allow yourself to feel the calm of gratitude, the inner peace of knowing this special moment is important. You are setting your intention of how to be of service to “all that is.” See yourself in a new light, a bright shining example of humanities best. You are full of love, full of creativity, full of ever growing wisdom. You see the possibilities of how to become an even better person once you admit to yourself that you are divine. A drop in the sea of Spirit. Part of the whole, yet an individual with purpose. Now, ask for insight and the discernment between what is your future and what lies in the past. Once you understand what lies clearly in the past, you can begin accessing the future. Say goodbye to the old and welcome in tomorrow. Let us all follow the old adage, “Love Thyself”, and bring our shadows into the Light!

Wednesday, September 22 is the Autumnal Equinox! More about that to come soon.

Judy Crescenzo

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