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New Moon in Taurus on May 11th!

On May11th at 12 PM PDT we have a lovely conjunction of the Sun and Moon at 21 degrees Taurus 18 minutes. This is a truly blessed New Moon event, with all the trimmings!

First, let’s talk about the sign of Taurus. It is the first Earth sign of the solar year; grounded, dependable, and responsible. It is a Fixed sign, as the second month of every season is the clear representative of the season, stable and determined. It is ruled by Venus, a “Yin” rather than “Yang” (Mars) planet. This energy is passive, complimentary, and creative. Venus shows us what is valuable to each of us; love, beauty of all kinds, and our finances and possessions. It reminds me of a pyramid shaped Rubik's Cube, with the pieces always moving and changing as to what’s at the top today? Is it our relationship? Health? Friendship? Creativity? So, take a moment with this New Moon to look at what is most important to you.

This luminary conjunction sextiles the planet Neptune at 22 degrees Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces; is right at home in this sign, and influences us to be empathetic, very intuitive, insightful and very creative. If there was any time to trust your “gut” feelings, this is it! The sextile makes for flowing energies between this “Yin” planet and the luminaries, creating a deep access to meditations, self hypnosis, dreamwork and visions.

These luminaries trine the planet Pluto at 26 degrees Capricorn. Pluto is the transformer, and encourages us to look at our physical world while in the sign of Capricorn, through the eyes of a reformer. Whether we passively accept our reality, or feel inclined to smooth things over, Pluto says be the Phoenix. Wherever your dream reality falls short, act on it! Get creative, find new solutions, stop limiting yourself and have courage to change.

At the same time as this New Moon, the planet Mercury at 12 degrees Gemini trines Saturn at 13 degrees Aquarius. This makes for clear thinking, mental acuity, and the ability to plainly see the path to success. This helps with the dreamy sextile from Neptune giving you structure to manifest the goal.

Also, Mars at 11 degrees Cancer sextiles Uranus at 11 degrees Taurus. While Mars is in the sign of Cancer, our energy is protective, nurturing and sensitive. The sextile from Uranus adds the influence to be the guardian of all of life. This is added inspiration to readjust our values to be more meaningful, more freeing for the soul.

So all in all this will prove to be a monumental time for us all, giving us the clear pathway to our highest goals and dreams. With all of nature blooming and the cycle of life in its rebirth, you need only look around you for stimulation! The scents, the colors, the new baby birds and animals:)

What is your dream? With all of these planets and luminaries supporting us through our collective lives, where do you want to be? Are you there yet or are there changes to be made? May I suggest a journey to lead you to your dream?

Gather your crystals, your sacred objects, and as much natural beauty in the form of flowers and special plants you love and create an altar. Make it special, in your terms, and while creating it be thinking all the while about what you will be shown in your journey. You are seeking the most illustrious version of your life’s dream reality. You wonder what it will look like, feel like, smell like.....

Once you are finished setting up your altar, find a comfortable position for your journey. Close your eyes and breath in and out deeply while telling your higher mind you are ready to receive. As you breathe deeply, imagine seeing yourself lit in your chakra colors; the colors of the rainbow. Starting with the first chakra at the base of your spine, you see a brilliant red funnel drawing in energy from the ground up. Breath in the pure hue and assist the strengthening of this chakra with love for yourself. Know you deserve the best in life. Go on from there, pure orange hue in the second chakra, drawing in energy to your center of creation. Know you are a creator. Move to pure yellow and the solar plexus chakra. Know your will is strong and authentic. While seeing these you are breathing in and out these colors, and charging your system.

Next you arrive at the heart chakra. This is pure green in color, and as you breathe in and out this perfect hue, you will see or you can imagine your garden. In this setting, the garden represents your life and ambitions. As you move around in this space look in all directions to see what is, all the while dreaming what more it can be. You can instantly improve this garden; creating landscapes and hardscapes that bring you the most joy, support and freedom. Where you see a dilapidated environment with the sweep of your hand you turn it into your dreamscape. Or, you may find it already appears so lovely, you are inspired to create it in the physical world around you.

After you have constructed your Dream Garden, which relates to your real life, take it all in once again. Bow to the four directions as you look first to the South, and finish in the East. Give thanks for what you have been shown, and come back to where you began. Take out a journal and write down what you’ve seen, as it will be fleeting.

Now, with your guidance you have the seeds to sew to birth the new reality. Don’t feel limited; there are great ideas to be had for very little money or materials. Look around you, gather and create!

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