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New Moon in Taurus 2022

On April 30th at 1:27 PM PDT the Sun and Moon conjoin at 10 degrees Taurus 28 minutes. Also, there is a Partial Solar Eclipse 15 minutes after the moment of the New Moon! We have an upgrade available to us; through love, purity of purpose, and taking the best of care of ourselves and those around us.

This is the first Eclipse of the year, and with it comes opportunities. When we have a Solar Eclipse, astrologically speaking; it lights the “dark side”, or our known/unknown issues of wherever it lands in our birth chart. The house placement as well as any close in degree planets take on great importance. For instance, in my birth chart this Eclipse will sit in my third house; no planets anywhere close. The 3rd house has to do with siblings, relatives, communications and short distance travel. Also, I consider the bodily effects it may induce, which would include my nervous system, and my thinking abilities. All of this adds up to what is actually taking place in my life the following day, so I get to consider how I can participate in this opportunity for my highest good. Knowledge is power. If you research your own chart you can find where this event will take place (house placement, etc.) and how it will light your way.

Taurus is the first Earth Sign of the zodiac. It is grounded, responsible, dedicated and resourceful. It is a Fixed Sign, landing in the second month of the season of Spring. Taurus is downright stubborn and can be difficult to budge once their mind is made up. But this can be an asset as it keeps the Tauren on task until the end. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. This planet is feminine/passive in its energy, the embodiment of the Roman Goddess, who represents love, beauty, fertility and prosperity. The fine vibration of this planet encourages grace, compassion and devotion.

Consider that whether or not you are a Taurus, we all are influenced by the signs the luminaries and planets are in. We all have 12 houses in our charts, and somewhere in there is Taurus. So, when there is a New Moon, Full Moon, Lunar or Solar Eclipse, we all are being guided to modify ourselves or our behavior somehow. The more we learn about our own blueprints, our birth chart, we can put this information into perspective and expand our awareness of what is being asked of us by our higher self. These are portals of possibilities, depending on how we participate in them! And with every New Moon, it is time to set our intention for what we are creating.

As we look at the planets and their relationships to this event, the Sun and Moon are sextiled by Mars at 11 degrees Pisces. This planet brings a no nonsense approach to the occasion, with confidence and energy, and a willingness to fight for the underdog. Mars in this sign is not ego driven and works well with the luminaries. The Sun and Moon are joined in a close conjunction by Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus. This inspires the unconventional approach, original thinking and a passion for freedom. Unexpected developments, sudden changes and breakthroughs are all part of Uranus’s strategy. In Taurus, again where it lands in your chart is where these improvements can take place.

With the North Node of the Moon in Taurus, and the South Node in Scorpio; these signs will be a recurring theme this year. Taurus=personal values, and Scorpio=values shared with others. It is time to do a wide overview of where you sit in this axis. The world is being affected by these energies and we are all being urged to improve. There is a balance to be struck, where we care equally about our own well being and the success of others. These planets have to do with money and possessions, as well as what provides comfort and nourishment. The issues of sharing versus hoarding, generosity versus manipulation come into play. The highest version of these energies will encourage us to first and foremost take excellent care of ourselves in order to share and provide for others. Wherever you live in fear of lack, get to work. The very notion that you are hopeless brings lack. Look around you for a way out of your own limitations, there couldn’t be a better time to think outside the box for answers. As the world shouts shortages, supply chain issues, high prices, it’s time to prepare. Consider what you will need when this occurs so that you’re not caught off guard. Stock up now.

The simple answer is to find love in your heart for yourself and others. Take a walk in their shoes, look at their chart, and find the source of their actions. Be wise and understanding, keep yourself out of harm's way, but extend your compassion and grow. The knowledge you gain from really knowing yourself and others can only improve your life and take you from judgment to the freedom from prejudice. Understanding what motivates us is enlightening. Take the challenge and set your intention with the balance in mind that we are all here together.

Thank you Judy for your beautiful insight! 💓

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