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New Moon in Scorpio 2022

We have a New Moon on October 25th at 3:48 AM PDT, as the Sun and Moon share the 2nd degree of Scorpio. There is also a partial Solar Eclipse at 4 AM PDT. We are being showered with this Fixed Water sign in a powerful way!

Scorpio lands in the middle of Autumn, and being the second month of this season it is solid, strong in its judgements, determined and stubborn. This Fixed sign shares a need for respect, and when Scorpio‘s don‘t receive it, they disappear, as if magically. They never forget, and at times never forgive. It is a Water sign, very sensitive and at times suspicious. It can be difficult to reason with this energy, so powerful and touchy. And no one protects like a Scorpio, when cornered. They have a sting you will likely not forget.

The planet Pluto rules this sign. Pluto is the transformer, reformer, the Phoenix. Scorpio‘s can crash and burn and rise out their own ashes, better for it. Scorpio‘s tend to learn the hard way, hanging on desperately in order not to be left vulnerable. They can tend to be loners rather than suffer because of others. The symbol for Scorpio is the scorpion with its mighty stinger. It represents the lower nature of this sign. The higher version is the eagle, flying high and seeing things from that perspective.

This year the Sun and Moon share the 2nd degree of Scorpio with the planet Venus. When Venus is in this sign we desire a deep, intense, passionate union with those we love, and can feel quite attached emotionally. This can inspire possessiveness and jealousy when any threat to this connection takes place. If you are betrayed, you are capable of hating with as much force and intensity as you once loved. At this time you are attracted to people who have an aura of mystery about them.

Also in this stellium is Mercury at 22 degrees

Libra, making this another conjunction. You’ll tend to see things from your perspective only and to be rather subjective. Idle talk and gossip can be your vices.

All and all, we are prone to emotional extremes with this event. They will come from deep inside of us, screaming in the darkness. It is time for transformation, to let go of limitation and fear. This sign is fearless, willing to go to extremes in order to settle the score. Or, you can use this energy to go deep within and connect with Spirit in order to transform. Venus conjunct the sun shows others your kindness, friendship and affection. It also imbues us with an artistic feeling that lends itself to us embellishing our surroundings and ourselves. With Venus conjunct the Moon, unkindness or harshness will offend you very much, so you will be conscious of everyone's feelings. Go deep.

Pluto in Capricorn at 26 degrees squares the Sun, Moon Mercury and Venus. This intensifies the need for evolution and change. With all of this energy in Scorpio, and Mercury in Libra (balance), we are being pushed into our higher nature. Where we are willful or fanaticle we will try to hide our motives and look for excuses. Our intense desires and feelings can bring on stormy and painful interactions. Jealousy, power struggles, or over-possessiveness can become areas of conflict in your relationships. Positively, you can be unusually creative and bring about beneficial and healing changes in the lives of others, motivated by your deeply felt love. It’s a choice, how we use this energy.

Knowing that the New Moon is a starting point for what we are giving birth to, creating, the perfect use of this energy is to reach deep into our subconscious for clues to where we still store FEAR. Scorpio rules sexuality, all things occult, death and transformation. Our thinking mind with Mercury in Libra wants justice, stability and equality. Scorpio wants power, but the surest way to find it is to work on ourselves in ways that unlimit our perceptions of life that keep us stuck. Be it our sexuality, we need to look beyond the illusion and find our heart and where it has been wounded. Does it keep us from loving as deeply as we would like to, need to? If it’s the mysteries of life, what a perfect time to study, investigate and learn about all the hidden aspects of life. And, if the fear of death, dying and what comes next; there is the greatest question of all. All the answers lie deep within us, as we find death is just a doorway to somewhere else.

So take the time to dive deep within on this occasion. With a New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse, we have THE POWER to transform. Ask for help from Spirit who is always close by, whispering wisdom into our minds to help us on our way. Set your goals and live up to them! You will be proud and ready for more movement forward.

Thank you Judy Crescenzo for always bringing the magic!!! Please email Judy at for a private session!

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