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New Moon in Scorpio 2020

The New Moon in Scorpio will occur November 14th, 2020 at 9:08 PM PST. This one is a “Super New Moon”, meaning this is the time of the Moon’s perigee. This is when the Moon makes its closest approach to the Earth, and can have a somewhat stronger effect on us. It certainly does affect the ocean and river tides and all things Water oriented; especially in the sign of Scorpio.

The Sun and the Moon are at 23 degrees Scorpio 18 minutes at this moment. In casting a chart for this moment of the New Moon, other planets come into play. But first let’s talk about Scorpio energy. Scorpio rules the second month of Autumn, and the second month of every season is termed “fixed.” All fixed signs have a need for respect and if they don’t receive it, they never forget, and sometimes never forgive. It’s solid,determined and powerful. It’s a water sign in it’s icy state, and behaves in a very cautious and sure footed way. It is very deep and mysterious ruling the occult, and the secrets left unspoken. Being so sensitive this energy can borderline on touchy, moody and judgemental. But there’s a higher use of Scorpio energy which lends itself to digging deep into hidden truths that can set us free. After all, Scorpio’s ruling planet is Pluto, the transformer.

So next let’s look at the other players on this occasion. Jupiter is 23 degrees Capricorn; it exactly sextiles the New Moon and Sun. This is good, very good as Jupiter is a “benefic” planet; one that brings expansion, growth and positive movement. So in choosing to go “deep” on this Super New Moon, you will be bathed in the good energy this planet and luminaries bring. Your relationships with loved ones get a boost, profound realizations are possible with your good intentions. Pluto is at 22 degrees Capricorn, closely sextiling the New Moon and Sun. This brings us the opportunity for great soul growth, where we can increase our personal power and make the much needed changes in our lives.

At the same time Venus is 22 degrees Libra squaring Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn. Venus is about love and values, and Pluto is about power and control. All the good energy brought by Jupiter and Pluto to the Sun and Moon can be challenged by this square. That is if your relationship is out of balance and needs repair. Tensions may arise and insecurities may come out about jealousy and fears in the relationship. Pluto wants to blow everything up, destroy it all, and like the Phoenix rise from the ashes. That’s one way of handling it, but where’s the love?

So, what is the very best use of this New Moon’s power? Here on the West Coast we will be celebrating at 9:08 PM, or thereabouts. So gather your candles, your crystals, your decks of cards and all things that connect you with All That Is. Set up a power grid, one that is guided by deeply connecting with your guardians. While quieting your mind and being led by Spirit, create a beautiful altar with your power objects and some “Holy Water” made by you. To make my Holy Water I put my largest quartz crystal into a glass bowl of water and fill it with the purest water I have access to. Then I put it out under the Moon the night before I want to use it, and pray that it be imbued with the Holy Grace of the Mother energy the Moon shares.

Include your water in this ceremony in whatever way you are guided, whether in a bowl, a mister, in a vase with create the moment. Now, with that, close your eyes, get comfortable and breathe deep. Breathe in peace, and breathe out worry and fear. See yourself in a setting where you see a staircase leading down. It’s beautiful, safe and supportive and beckons you to walk down it. As you do, take notice of how you appear while walking down this staircase, and how it appears to you as well. Begin to see your surroundings, let your imagination soar with your images. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs you have arrived at the library. Not just any library, but your soul’s reference center.

Go into this space, and look in all 4 directions, taking note of all you see. What materials is it made of, what are the colors you see? Are you alone or is anyone else there? Once you acclimate to this space find help through whatever means that present themselves, to find answers to questions, or help in a direction. Or you may simply state outloud; what are the needed pearls of wisdom I am seeking? Without delay you may have a flash of insight, be drawn to a book or title on a shelf, hear lyrics and music that speaks to you....the visions can come in stark or subtle ways. You have access to help and your questions may be many. Ask and seek guidance for your highest good, knowing only that which you are ready to know will be delivered to you.

Once you are finished, turn to all four directions in your journey, and thank all those that have come to assist you in ​Knowing​. Now, find your way back to the staircase, and with strength of will and purpose, climb up and back to your place of origin.Take a moment before returning completely to see yourself after ascending the staircase for any changes in your appearance. Feel the Earth beneath your feet, look up at the beautiful New Moon, and feel the power available to you to live a life in your highest form.

Judy Crescenzo

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