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New Moon in Pisces 2021

On Saturday March 13th, at 2:22 AM PST, the Sun and Moon align at 23 degrees Pisces 4 minutes. This is our last New Moon of the Solar year. We have a grand opportunity each year when this New Moon happens, as we end the old before we begin anew.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and represents the clearing of the hidden, unobserved cues and motivations behind our actions.Being a Mutable (flexible, adaptable) Water sign (empathetic, sensitive), Pisces energies can show us all whether or not we are willing to grow and let go, or will forever excuse our behavior as “meaningful”. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of mysteries, magic and fantasy; we are encouraged to release ourselves from what burdens us. But how do we do this is the question. Do we take the high road to clarity through study, research, prayer and meditation and go deeply into our subconscious for answers, or, do we take the low road and seek to escape through procrastination, substance abuse, sexual abuse....looking to blame others for our actions?

At the same time we have the planet Neptune conjoining this Sun/Moon in Pisces at 20 degrees. Again, Neptune rules Pisces, so this alignment strengthens this occasion with spiritual wisdom and compassion bestowed upon us. Add to this the planet Venus at 19 degrees Pisces, and this stellium is encouraging love.

This is a very creative energy, artistically as well as mentally. We can prepare ourselves for the Spring Equinox coming one week after this New Moon (3/20/21) by exercising our creative brain with activities as “story boarding” our goals, or dreaming and writing in our dream journal. Empty out the waste basket of your soul by seeking new solutions to old problems. After all, we are in a new world of our making, and making it more in the correct frequency, and high vibration, rather than low, makes it so much better! On this planet there are many temptations, good and bad, and we truly have the choice which path we take. It takes courage, ambition, and a high self esteem to break through the veil of self ignorance we may have presented to ourselves.

So, I am encouraging each of you to access this momentous event and do some inner work. It will be easier to access your deepest self due to these planets and luminaries coming together.

The energies are inspiring an open heart and compassion for ourselves and others. It is especially true with our concern for animals and nature. With this influence we see we are all part of the whole, we are also the guardians and caretakers of all of life. Pisces finds it hard to see where the lines divide us. We so need this understanding now. When you access your higher self, you see your part in the big picture, the role you play. You can choose to “edit” this version through self examination, journey work, hypnosis, altered states; all things Pisces.

So imagine you are at the end of a trail, and you see a fork in the road. One arrow points to freedom, and the other points to self gratification. As you study each sign, you are flooded with impulses that pull you in each direction. Yet, you know you are on the path to your highest goals. Without hesitation, take the road to freedom. Freedom from self condemnation, low self esteem, unworthiness, no confidence; or the other extreme of narcissism, excuses, blaming others for our misbehavior. My Father used to say, “you answer to the man in the mirror” in life, and the goal is to love your reflection.

You gain your own self esteem by breaking bad habits and moving forward free from addiction. This isn’t only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.You may be addicted to a “response” when you don’t feel safe; so you mourn the idea of losing your “go to”, reliable numbing techniques in order to survive, and make excuses for yourself. You may be addicted to people that you know are no good for you. But you continue to have them in your life for reasons only you know. Time to look in the mirror and admit to ourselves why we do what we do, and consciously choose to stop it. Now is the time.

So with determination of a higher purpose, follow your moral compass to the sights you can set on this New Moon. Gather all parts of yourself into the dreamtime; set your intention before going to sleep on 3/12/2021, to see the beauty and harmony in your world as it can be; without changing a thing but your perception. Follow this guidance and create a life worth living. It is up to you.

Judy Crescenzo

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