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New Moon in Leo 2022

On July 28th at 10:55 AM PDT the Sun and Moon conjoin at 5 degrees Leo 39 minutes. This New Moon is a very creative one, full of potential for new directions in regards to your goals.

Leo is a powerful Fixed Fire Sign. It lands in the middle of the summer season, when it’s hot, really summer, solid and sure. It’s when you want to plant yourself in a lawn chair with a cool drink and just sit. Relax, enjoy; this time of year is built for it! Leo is the second Fire sign of the zodiac, full of fury and initiative. Leo’s energy is creative, ardent in love, full of drama and uninhibited behavior at its best. It can be over the top, when too bold and pushy. At its worst, Leo’s energy can be fickle, selfish and touchy. At its best, shining bright like the Sun in everything they do.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center and source of our solar system. That is the demeanor of a Leo; the center and source of their environment. With this seat comes the entitlement of authority and kingly duties. The misuse of this seat brings abuse of power and authority. The Lion is Leo’s symbol. The lion and lioness are very similar to the king and queen of the savanna. They hold court with their pride, they rule fiercely and protect theirs until their death. Leo energy inspires respect and admiration. The highest use of Leo power is to be a creative performer on life's stage. To inspire and uplift through their talents. To shine and be an example of what others can accomplish. And, to be generous with their power and give willingly without strings attached.

So when the New Moon and the Sun are together, they focus a light in one direction. This time of the year is yours to focus on your love interests and relationships, your children and all your creations. What do you still have in you to create? Now is the perfect time to dream big, take yourself beyond the limits you’ve set for yourself. Maybe before you weren't able to take the steps you can now take, however small or large they may be. You have a great opportunity to access this power as Jupiter is trine the Sun and Moon at 8 degrees Aries. This helps you to forget the past, be more agreeable and tolerant, and truly enjoy making others happy with your actions. What comes to mind is you’ve wanted your own garden, one that provides food, aroma’s and beauty to add to your life. But, you only have a patio...hmmm....How about grabbing some pots, soil and plant starts that will work with the light you have? Just an example to show you your ideas are doable, no matter how limited your space, time or money is. Creating brings joy into our lives, so stop wasting time and get started!

One glitch in the works is Mercury at 18 degrees Leo. It squares Mars in Taurus; this can make for critical thoughts, debates while not listening to others, arguments. It

opposes Saturn in Aquarius, where our minds want the facts, no abstractions. And it squares Uranus which can produce scattered reasoning and conclusions. This T-Square between these planets looks for answers in the direction of Uranus in Taurus. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1934-1942; a time when great changes were made in our material lives, our nation and our world. The United States was in the Depression, and entered WW2 in 1941. We seem to be in a similar situation, which can be scary and paralyzing for many. But when we look at our lives and our security, and we see how others have weathered the storms of the past, we can allow ourselves to stay creatively optimistic and flexible in how we continue on.

So on this occasion it is important to stay open minded, to gravitate toward originality. Enjoy the abundance of Summer, walk barefoot outside, take in the fragrance of the flowers and watch the butterflies:) Celebrate with others and show the love you have inside of you.

Thank you Judy Crescenzo fir your magic!!!! For a private session email:


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