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New Moon in Capricorn 2021

We have arrived! It is the first month of the year 2021, and with it is our first New Moon of the year. The Sun and Moon are conjoined at 23 degrees Capricorn 13 minutes on January 12th at 9 PM PST. This New Moon can inspire us all to rebuild a solid foundation for our lives. This Cardinal Earth sign cares most about security and strength, and seeks the most advantageous path to success in every endeavor.

This Earth sign rules the first month of Winter, where much of our work is done indoors. It’s comfortable operating from the inside out; strategically planning the best moves on the chessboard of life before taking them out to the world. All factors must be looked at, scrutinized, and committed to in order to prosper. This no nonsense Earth sign is looking for results, so there’s no better time than now to set the course for success.

At this moment, Pluto is transiting at 24 degrees Capricorn; one degree away from these luminaries. Pluto is the transformer of the zodiac, like the Phoenix that crashes, burns, and rises from the ashes. It represents re-creation, making something new out of the ashes of the past. In the sign of Capricorn it continues the work of transformation in our government, our institutions, our structure’s we have built our lives upon. But on a personal level, it lends us the power to make a fresh start. It compels us to act, so there’s no need to resist. The New Moon is traditionally the time to make new plans based on the results of prior choices made. With this one, we are supported to “let go” and transform what we used to believe into a more current appraisal of the possibilities.

There are other planetary influences happening here. Mars (2 degrees Taurus) and Uranus (6 degrees Taurus) are transiting together. Taurus is a FIXED Earth Sign, stubborn, determined, grounded and anchored. Mars rules war, conflict and how we use our energy, and Uranus rules sudden events that bring change. Hmmmmm....

Let us add to this Jupiter (5 degrees Aquarius) and Saturn (3 degrees Aquarius) creating a tight square to Mars and Uranus. Aquarius is a FIXED Air Sign, denoting intellect that is unique and original. Jupiter rules higher thought, foreign lands and travel, and Saturn is the planet of ​gravity ​that manifests spiritual qualities on the Earth plane.

So when planets square each other, especially when two planets square two other planets, they create pressure, agitation, nervousness. Considering the state of our world, these FIXED planetary influences are pushing our buttons to get a reaction. Where do we stand? On shaky ground, or a firm base? We are talking physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are now reactivating our lives under new conditions, and we are surviving the dictates of our world. How can we learn to thrive

under these circumstances? By thinking outside the box, by asking for guidance and listening when we get it. We are the physical representation of our soul, and with that comes the commitment to survive under all situations. It comes naturally, all life looks to survive by adapting, compromising, learning and transforming. Go forward with excitement; to be part of this new existence. Treat it like the adventure of your lifetime! Be proud with each step you make in the right direction. Learn from every step that didn’t fulfill your goal to grow.

We have learned in this past year that we truly are all in this together. We are all human beings living through this grand experiment called life. The more we live in awe of our reality, the more we live in gratitude of what we do have in our existence, the better our adventure is. Consider the wisdom of the planets and luminaries, setting us all up for these current events. The masterful design of their inner workings and purpose. When we act from this place of KNOWING we are so powerful.

So, let us begin 2021 knowing we are rebuilding our lives, based on what we have learned. We are so blessed with these heavenly bodies encouraging us to transform and live in our new reality free of limiting fears. Take a chance, don’t be afraid.

Judy Crescenzo Visit my website at

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