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Full SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse, May 26th ⚡️

We have quite an event coming May 26th at 4:14 AM PDT! We have the Full SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse, beginning the Eclipse season. The Moon is stationed at 5 degrees Sagittarius, 26 minutes. Opposite it is the Sun at 5 degrees Gemini, 26 minutes. We know what the Full Moon is, but to be “super” means the Moon appears larger due to its perigee, or closest orbit to Earth. Spiritually speaking, a Lunar Eclipse opens pathways, portals to propel us forward on our life’s journey.

Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire Sign, ruled by Jupiter. Like the planet Jupiter; the biggest in our Solar System, Sagittarius is larger than life energy. Being a mutable sign it is flexible, can react quickly to information, can change on a dime. The Fire element supplies the energy like the lightning bolt, and it is up to us to harness it and control it. If we don't, we become frustrated and ornery! The quick wit can turn into caustic conversations if not kept in check. The energy is very creative and expansive, whether we are creating, meditating/trance states, or communicating our highest thoughts.

Gemini is a Mutable Air sign, ruled by Mercury. Like Mercury the Messenger, Gemini energy is quick, thought provoking and at times scattered. Gemini Sun provides the intellectual (Air sign) curiosity, the communicating and writing skills and opens our minds. A great time to change our minds if there are limiting beliefs in tow.

So between these two luminaries there is much to think about; Gemini being the day-to-day practicalities, and Sagitarrius thinking outside the box. This dynamic provokes us, especially being the SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse, to look at our ability to say what we mean and mean what we say. We may have to admit we’ve changed, and that includes what and how we think. We can be preachy at this time, getting on a soapbox and trying to convince others how to think about things. But I think we should resist this temptation, and go within and clean out our mental library.

T-Square to the Sun and Moon is, you guessed it, Jupiter at 1 degrees Pisces. OMG. With this aspect, Jupiter provides the focus of how to negotiate between the Sun and Moon. By that I mean their opposition creates an emotional climax, a mood swing between logic and dreams that can be disconcerting. So here comes Jupiter in the soft sweet sign of Pisces saying immerse yourself in the higher frequencies and grow. Look through the eyes of kindness and wisdom and become one with humanity. See beyond the boundaries and create a life worth living.

In the days leading up to this event it is wise to consider whatever ticking time bomb we may be sitting on in our life, or think dispassionately about what we are fearing or worrying about. Is it real? Or are we reacting emotionally and putting up roadblocks to protect ourselves? Change is inevitable if we choose to stay in our physical bodies. We learn to roll with the punches and determine what to do as we go. Or, we stay stuck and get illnesses that we use to escape. That sounds harsh, but it’s true. So, it is a perfect time to do the work, and clear the pathways like weeding a garden. Make room for new growth, let go of what no longer serves your mental self, and seek the highest wisdom.

The Journey to The Records can be of service here. Each of us has an inner library, appearing in ways unique to us all. The journey to this place can reveal which files, books, writings are no longer suitable for accessing. Allow me to show you the way there.

Find a sacred space for yourself, turn off your phone, and free yourself from any interruptions. Surround yourself with your power objects and get comfortable. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly until you find yourself relaxed and at peace.

Open your inner eyes and ask to see your Inner Library. It could appear as a building, a room, a spacecraft, you name it! Don’t doubt what you see; go with it. Find yourself inside this space and slowly take in where you are....what is around you?

You can ask for assistance; a librarian of sorts. Whomever comes to assist you, thank them, and ask them if they can show you any materials that need removing, recycling, giving away?

Follow them as they direct you to said materials and find a comfortable spot within the journey to look through what you’ve been given. The writings can be titled to alert you to their contents, or you may simply be imparted the knowledge as you touch them. However this works for you at this moment, take the time to see and remember what is being shown to you. Once you have completed your search, thank those who have helped you, embrace them, and tell them you will visit again!

Once you opened your eyes and grounded yourself, write down what you were shown. Again, I encourage you to do this to get to the heart of what needs healing in your life. Working in tandem with the energies the planets and luminaries provide amp up the success factor for our intentions. So let’s make the most of this Super Event and climb the ladder to our highest version.

Judy Crescenzo

✨For a private session email Judy

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