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Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

On November 30th, 2020 we have the beginning of a HUGE SHIFT, energetically. We are at the end of a cycle pushing through hard before the new cycle begins. We have been enduring major retrogrades with the planets going over and over what isn’t working and how we can change. But it’s the change that has people worried; just what is about to happen and how will it affect me?

Well.....let’s start with the lunar event. On November 30th at 1:29 AM PST, the Moon opposes the Sun exactly. The Moon is at 8 degrees 38 minutes Gemini and the Sun is 8 degrees 38 minutes Sagittarius. With each Full Moon tensions arise, uncertainty and insecurity in our families, our most personal relationships are influenced emotionally. And with this event, it is our​ thinking,​ our ​beliefs​, our ​mental patterns​ are being tested and looked at. What needs to be vanquished from our way of viewing reality? What have we held on to, identified with, believed in that has changed this last year? The Gemini Full Moon represents our logical minds’ view of life, and the Sun in Sagittarius is our higher minds’ view. It is time to balance these polarities by letting go of our past and aiming higher for our futures. We are on the precipice of a New World, and how we participate is up to us. So bringing along all our limitations forward in how we see ourselves is unproductive.

Gemini and Sagittarius are Mutable signs. They are the last month of their season; Gemini with Spring, and Sagittarius with Autumn. So the energy is flexible, motivated to adapt and change. This energy encourages us and enables us to take the higher road to success in every aspect of our lives. The key is letting go. If we don’t take the initiative, the universe will make it happen for you. Part of this lunar event are the planets in relationship with the Sun and Moon. The Inconjunct or “quincunx” (planets/luminaries 150 degrees apart) between the Sun and Uranus (at 7 degrees Taurus) brings large amounts of creativity that needs an outlet or lends itself to anxiety and pressure. This energy brings an individuality to explore and source from. Adjustments need to be made in order to place our consciousness into our new form we are birthing.

The Moon is Inconjunct Venus at 10 degrees Scorpio. These are very different energies, Gemini and Scorpio. Gemini is light and skims the surface, while Scorpio goes deep, dark, down the rabbit hole. The adjustment here is about communicating true feelings rather than keeping secrets. Telling it like it is rather than hiding in private. But in this highly charged Partial Lunar Eclipse, our emotions run high and our ​past selves can be easily hurt.

We are ushered in to the end of how things were, and dreaming of how we want them to be. There are many changes coming for all of us, and as mentioned a huge shift is unfolding right before us. We are changing our perception of the world, and life is providing us the flexibility we never had prior to now, due to the structures that hold us together crumbling away. Our work is cut out for us; release the ties that bind us to our current condition, and open the door to freedom. We have to realize that every thought, every image in our minds' eyes is creating our next reality. So it is high time to change that image. Feel worthy of it. Know it is within our power to do so.

So, on this month's Full Moon, it’s time to pull out the journal and make lists of who you were, and now who you want to be. Include your physical self and well being, your emotional self and well being, and your soaring Spirit and it’s well being. Consider the changes you wish to make and how you can do it. In a perfect world, who are you? Now know the world is perfect, and make it so. Don’t limit yourself anymore to who you thought you were, and what you thought you deserved. Spirit applauds us all when we change our mind and love ourselves unconditionally.

December is bringing us all the opportunity to truly make this happen, with planets ending their retrograde and moving forward into new signs, new energies. We will leave the past in the past and recreate our reality. Be part of the change, support yourself and others as we morph into our next higher versions!

Judy Crescenzo

(email for a private session with Judy)

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