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Full Moon in Virgo 2024

On February 24th at 4:30 AM PST the Full Moon in Virgo arrives! On every Full Moon, we look to the past when the Moon was new in that sign as a goal setting time. This occurred on September 14th of 2023. When the Moon was aligned with the Sun at the same degree of Virgo, the tendency was to seek perfection through a job well done. Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign; mutable as it occurs at the last month of the Summer season. And being an Earth sign, they are the workers, framers, craftsmen and organizers of the zodiac. They focus on self improvement and being of service.

What was your goal set at this time? The double Virgo energy can be quite analytical and full of self criticism. Your goals set may have been limited due to this, not believing you either deserve what you ask for or worthy of such. Now, on this occasion with the Full Moon in Virgo, stationed opposite the Sun in Pisces, it’s time to rethink with a kinder heart just how to achieve what you set out to accomplish. It is a balancing act between the practical side of you and divine devotion. Virgo energy is very grounded, rooted in the Earth, while Pisces is the dreamer. Virgo is the realist, while Pisces is compassionate and forgiving.

At this time the Sun is joined by Mercury and Saturn in the sign of Pisces. You can tend to see things from your perspective only and to be rather subjective. You’ll enjoy talking and expressing your views but you may not always listen as well. Saturn elicits a serious, reserved, and mature demeanor. You may also be rather stern and judgmental, especially with yourself.

This group of luminaries and planets all opposes the Full Moon, making the opposite true as well. Your interest now is in people and their inner motivations, feelings, personal lives, and experiences. You’ll naturally want to listen with a desire for getting others to talk about their lives, dreams, desires - the things that are personally meaningful to them. You can feel that you must do something or be something other than who you are in order to receive approval and acceptance from others. You’ll be very sensitive to criticism and easily feel left out or neglected, and though you may appear cool or distant, you actually care very much about being included. Because during the Full Moon we are so sensitive, it may seem easier for you to withdraw into a shell rather than risk the emotional injuries that can occur when you let others really know you in an intimate, personal way. Your reserve and caution make establishing a close emotional rapport with others difficult now.

But with the help of Jupiter in Taurus, which sextiles the Sun and trines the Moon, you are more easygoing, agreeable, and tolerant, willing to overlook others' mistakes, forget

the past, and begin again on a positive note. Allow yourself to follow your feelings of hopes or desires, in order to discover where they lead you. You may then gain a deeper understanding of your life that is more meaningful for you. You will have a general feeling of upliftment today that could coincide with an increase in abundance or a diminishing of limiting influences. This is a good time to commit yourself to educating yourself in whatever areas of your life you wish to develop. Try reaching out to other people who share your interests and could work alongside you, or give you access to supportive resources.

The goal on this occasion is to bring balance between Pisces and Virgo in your life. To be able to keep the dreamer alive while creating and manifesting a material reality. This Full Moon is great for breaking down what is needed, and to put into motion solutions and activities. Set realistic goals, as Virgo wants some success:)

Thank you Judy Crescenzo for your guidance and wisdom!!! For a session please email:

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