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Full Moon in Scorpio, May 15th 2022

At 9:14 PM PST the Moon is full in Scorpio. The Sun at 25 degrees Taurus and the Moon at 25 degrees Scorpio exactly oppose each other. At this time we have a Total Lunar Eclipse, so this Full Moon is very important, in so many ways!

To begin with, the Scorpio Full Moon has been celebrated by cultures that revere the birth, life and death of Buddha. Vesak festivals are held yearly in May during the Full Moon. It is a time of festivities and honoring the teachings he gave us. We couldn’t be reminded at a better time, with the Great Invocation:

“From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on Earth. From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth. From the Center where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the Center which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out. And may it seal the door where evil dwells

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.”

A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is potent, especially with the Sun and Moon in these fixed signs. Lunar Eclipses encourage us to visit our “shadow self”; to see what is really running the show in our lives. We must face the truth about our emotions and what we fear as the energies exaggerate our feelings. With our sensitivities heightened we are prone to respond with breakdowns, breakups, or breakthroughs!

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign. Fixed as it lands on the second month of a season (Autumn), ensuring a determined and at times stubborn energy. The element of Water makes it very sensitive and somewhat suspicious. Because this energy is so powerful and at times touchy, it can be difficult to navigate. Driven by passionate feelings and needing to control in order to feel safe, this sign can be interpreted as “if you want it done right you need to do it yourself.” Scorpios are typically managers, second in command, or strong leaders.

Scorpio’s glyph of the Scorpion shows the lower nature of this sign, with its mighty sting. Crossing a Scorpio can be dangerous; grudges can be held for a long time if they feel slighted. The higher nature of Scorpio is depicted as the eagle, flying high and seeking wisdom from above. The ruling Planet is Pluto, the destroyer and transformer. So when we have a Scorpio Full Moon there are many potentials!

This year we have the Sun conjunct the North Node in Taurus, and the Full Moon Eclipse conjunct the South Node in Scorpio. The nodes indicate our mission in this lifetime opposite what we have done over and over in other lifetimes. The South Node shows us where we have been before, and what we wish to release to make this lifetime right. The theme of Taurus and Scorpio energies will be revisited over and over this year, guiding us to transformation. But, the common ground here is looking at the haves and the have nots, relating to finances, to comforts like food and shelter, and security. These are big headlines in the news right now, as these influences are felt throughout the world.

So, if you are feeling insecure you are bound to be affected by this event.

The good news is we have planets working with these luminaries to bring us hope and optimism in the midst of chaos. Mars is in Pisces, sextiling the Sun and trining the Moon. It lends self confidence and an intuitive sense as to what to do for our highest good. Neptune is one degree away from Mars in Pisces, with the same aspects to the Sun and Moon. Neptune, which rules Pisces, is right at home here. Adding more spiritual values to color your intention, it can be a very creative time where beautifying your world brings much joy.

Pluto gets involved by trining the Sun and sextiling the Moon. You will find you have access to a deep belief in your own power and your ability to survive any change, and emerge victoriously from any difficulty. You are able to handle an emotional crisis very well with Pluto’s help, and you can find the deep roots of emotional problems and how to cure them.

The one planet that gives this event a challenge is Saturn, which in Aquarius squares the Sun and Moon; T-Square. The challenge is self doubt. You will want to be highly disciplined and responsible to your obligations and duties and may struggle more than you need to, and take yourself too seriously. Your insecurity can make you feel that you must do something or be something other than what you are in order to receive approval and acceptance from others. You can gain inner security and strength through periods of solitude if you view them as times to nourish yourself and develop your own interests, rather than as times of loneliness.

So, much to consider here. We can use this Full Moon Eclipse to witness our own dark side as represented by our fears and worries, and remind ourselves we can change ourselves for the better. We can become better friends, better partners when we access our own foibles and remedy them. We are malleable beings, shape shifters if you will; the choice is yours. In the midst of this crazy and wonderful world, who do you want to be?

Thank you Judy🙏

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Judy Crescenzo:

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