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Full Moon in Scorpio, April 26th

Here comes one of the most potent Full Moons’ of the year! Monday April 26th at 8:31 PM PDT the Sun and Moon oppose each other at 7 degrees 6 minutes; Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio. These two energies are Fixed Signs; meaning they are strong, steadfast and persistent in their beliefs. Taurus, the Bull, is an Earth Sign dedicated to nurturing all life. Scorpio, the Scorpion/Eagle is a Water Sign dedicated to diving deep beneath the surface in the intense desire to find the truth.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the transformer. With this luminary axis, we are focused on our emotions. Scorpio rules what is hidden, secret, taboo, and these may surface to show us what we haven’t considered before in making our choices. Whatever has been swept under the rug will rear its ugly head under this influence. New information may come to light, so stay flexible.

The Scorpion is the symbol for Scorpio; but another is the Eagle. They describe the two natures of Scorpio; the low one and the high one. But, both are predatory in nature. Seeing things from a higher perspective is encouraged here, as who wants to be stung by a scorpion? Communications from an elevated viewpoint always land better than an attack.

Supporting the Sun in Taurus is a close conjunction of Uranus at 10 degrees Taurus. Uranus brings change, freedom, and unconventional practices to this otherwise stable sign. In the sign of Taurus, there is energy here to spring into action where we used to be uncomfortably comfortable, if you know what I mean. Being stuck. Look around you and your environment and transform it and your relationship to it.

Also in the sign of Taurus is Venus at 15 degrees, and Mercury at 16 degrees, creating a wide conjunction with the Sun. Together these planets enlist our mind and reasoning ability (Mercury), and our values concerning love and beauty. We are inspired to look at our physical world and reconsider how we wish it to be.

Every year on this Full Moon in Scorpio we celebrate the Wesak Festival. It is a Buddist tradition celebrating the birth and life of the Buddah, a Taurus. Sacred rituals and dances are performed, dedicated to bringing the light and love that Buddah shared to our world. At the moment of this Full Moon, many around the planet will be reciting “The Great Invocation”, and you may wish to join in:

From the point of Light within the

Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the

minds of men

Let Light descend on Earth. From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men May Christ return to Earth.

From the Centre where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men The purpose which the

Masters know and serve

From the Centre which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door

where evil dwells

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Be part of the change, look within yourself and free yourself from that which no longer serves you. Be brave and strong, and live for the highest purpose. We have an opportunity on this Full Moon to share and celebrate the goodness that life brings us, and free ourselves from self sabotage. It comes with believing we deserve it.

Judy Crescenzo

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