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Full Moon in Scorpio and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse May 5, 2023

Every year on the Scorpio Full Moon people around the world celebrate the Vesak Festival.

Vesak is one of the most important Buddhist festivals, and high holidays. It is also known as Wesak or Buddha Day. It is a celebration of Buddha's birthday and to some it marks his enlightenment. The full moon in May is said to be the day of greatest spiritual opportunity in the year. And, due to the sign it is in every year, Scorpio, we can go very deep into our emotions. This year the Full Moon lands on May 5th at 10:33 AM PDT.

And on this special occasion we have a Penumbral Lunar eclipse which begins at 8:04 A.M. PDT and ends at 1:55 P.M. PDT. A penumbral lunar eclipse takes place when the Moon moves through the outer part of Earth's shadow, the penumbra. This type of eclipse is not as dramatic as other types of lunar eclipse’s and is often mistaken for a regular Full Moon. This imperfect alignment of the Sun, Earth and Moon creates the Earth blocking some of the Sun's light from directly reaching the Moon's surface and covers all or part of the Moon with the outer part of its shadow, the penumbra. It will almost be impossible to see, but still its effect compels us to pay attention to things in our life that need to change.

This Full Moon in Scorpio shows us the results of plans made when the Moon was new in Scorpio, October 25th, 2022. At that time with the Sun and Moon in Scorpio we were looking at things that are very mysterious and deep, and somewhat taboo. Scorpio rules desire in the old school of astrology, and with desire come all the consequences. It can be a sign of extremes, when unbalanced, and great power and depth when balanced. Scorpio is a Fixed Water Sign; stubborn, persistent and emotionally driven. All fixed signs share a need for respect, and when Scorpio‘s don‘t receive it, they disappear, as if magically. They never forget, and at times never forgive. This strong sign wants to be in charge, director of operations. This sign also rules shared resources and inheritance, as well as sex and death. The power of this “lens” to see the world through can ignite your base emotions that need attention.

So depending on what was on your mind when the Moon was new, now it has culminated in today’s reality. And again, if something was begun that hasn’t seen the light of day yet, continue on. As we look at today's reality, what is still missing? We have a grand opportunity to go deep beneath the surface of our day to day life and seek the hidden meanings, the shadow of our personalities, and see what it will take to bring ourselves to our highest form. As mentioned before, this Full Moon is the one with the greatest spiritual opportunity of the year for self realization.

Gather with like minded people and celebrate this special day. There is power in numbers, so together you can push the boundaries to arrive at a new place. One of mind changing, support, and collective dreaming. We are definitely being reconstructed into a new form; Homo noeticus. A more advanced form for humanity. Join the club;)

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