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Full Moon in Leo January 28th, 2021

Our first Full Moon of 2021 happens at 11:17 AM PST, when the Moon and Sun oppose each other. The Moon is 9 degrees 6 minutes Leo and the Sun is 9 degrees 6 minutes Aquarius. Also stationed at 9 degrees Aquarius is Jupiter, conjoined with the Sun. Oh boy, here we go!

Leo is a Fire Sign, strong, regal, authoritarian. It rules the heart and can be very loving and generous energy. When the Moon is in this sign, especially a Full Moon, emotions run high. Feelings are passionate, dramatic and expressed with power. We can use this energy best creatively and show where we shine in our lives; Leo is ruled by the Sun. Otherwise, this energy can be frustrated, and make us touchy, bold and pushy. Leo rules the heart, and matters of the heart can be aired and mended with this Full Moon.

Opposite the Moon side by side is the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. This sign is an Air Sign of high humidity, meaning compassionate intellect. It rules humanitarian efforts, friendships and group goals. Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, steadfast and dependable; leading us to see this opposing axis as a war of sorts. The war is between self interests and humanitarian ones. Now that Jupiter has transited into this sign, as of December 20th, 2020, there’s a new teacher available to us all. Our knowledge will be expanded, our goals will be elevated, and we will be more open minded as a result.

Also involved in this moment is Mars at 10 degrees Taurus and Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus. These planets square both the Sun and Jupiter, and the Moon. This creates what’s known as a “T-Square”; where opposing planets or luminaries form a square with a third planet, or planets here, forming a T. This fixed T-Square points to the answer lying with Mars and Uranus.

Mars is the planet of action, the warrior and individual. Uranus is the planet of change and activates change through disruption. These energies shake us out of our complacency and gives us the courage to take a stand and mean it. While in the sign of Taurus, we are concerned with values, priorities, and what we find important in our world. It is a very nurturing sign that represents the fertile ground we must prepare for our seeds to take root. We are faced with a new beginning we are creating for ourselves, and the more predisposed we are to stay alert and informed, the better off we are in our creation.

So I am suggesting on this day to meditate on and connect with your heart. I don’t mean that physically as much as it being your center. Your ability to love others begins with love of yourself. For a moment, see yourself as a child of proud parents; the Moon/Mother and the Sun/Father. Together they have created you with the loving spark that brought them together. You are their creation that is unconditionally loved, protected and inspired to grow and become a light unto yourself. To actualize your highest version was their goal in your creation, and it is up to you to carry on with that plan. They know you have been given the opportunity to evolve, and they are here to motivate you to take off your old, heavy garment, and step out of darkness into the light.

So as you see yourself in that light, imagine colors entering your vision that represent growth, strength and fertility. You are preparing the ground, the foundation for your life, to sprout and grow. Know that you are supported by Mars and Uranus to shed your fears and make the real changes in your life, your beliefs, and your well being.

Bask in the light of these luminaries while considering very deeply your connection to Spirit growing each day, as you are committed to improving not only yourself but the world you live in and the lives of others. It is my understanding that the more we are connected to our own inner guidance, the better our life becomes. We are never alone, and we are loved.

Be brave and carry on.

Judy Crescenzo

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