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Full Moon in Gemini 2022

On December 7th at 8:09 PM PST, the Sun and Moon oppose each other exactly, The Sun stationed at 16 degrees Sagittarius 1 minute, and the Moon at 16 degrees Gemini 1 minute create this month’s Full Moon. These two signs deal with the creative mind and the logical mind. Here we are looking at our communications, observations and thoughts that drive us.

As with every Full Moon, we look back to when the New Moon was in the same sign, and what we were inspired to create. Here we look back to the New Moon in Gemini which took place May 30th of this year. Try to remember what plans you were making, what ideas you were coming up with, and look now for their results. Maybe it was to further your education, or write that book, maybe to iron out the differences with a friend or loved one with a lovingly crafted letter. Whatever you considered was like a seed being planted; able to grow into a reality you made possible.

Now with the Sun in Sagittarius, a Mutable Fire Sign, we are setting the bar high on our projects and plans. We have the Fire energy to keep us inspired and active. With a Gemini Moon; a Mutable Air Sign, thoughts are intellectual and quick witted. Gemini’s glyph or symbol is the Twins, due to its nature to see both sides clearly. Don’t try and debate a Gemini unless you’re ready to be outdone! Quicksilver Messenger Service comes quickly with humor and intelligence. So this Full Moon is about what you may have intended to set into motion, and how you feel emotionally about your progress. Gemini isn’t into heavy, emotional drama, and neither is Sagittarius. So we can see clearly with a sharp mind.

At this time exactly conjunct the Moon is Mars at 16 degrees Gemini. Oh boy! Let the fireworks begin;) Gemini is quick to find fault, mistakes and flaws in whatever the subject matter is, and can make for dry exchanges. Mars, being the planet of War, wants to lead the charge into debates that express the frustrations, annoying circumstances in play, so as to move forward. Yikes. Watch the direction of your conversations on this Full Moon, skip the ones about religion, government, known differences of opinions or you’re likely to have arguments;)

The Moon and Mars in Gemini are opposite the Sun in Gemini. They are both squared by Neptune at 22 degrees Pisces. This creates a T-Square, and the avenue for discovery and insights comes from Neptune. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Like the Twins with Gemini, they illustrate the dual nature; male/female, yin/yang, positive/negative. To me, it’s like having two sides of the brain working together in harmony. We have the opportunity to see now

how far we’ve come from a more spiritual perspective with Neptune’s assistance; one that includes dreams, hopes and wishes. Rather than be hard on ourselves or others, celebrate what is, and continue on. One pitfall of Neptune's energy is the inspiration to escape difficulties through drugs, alcohol, fleeing rather than confronting, so be on the lookout.

Reining these energies in is Saturn at 20 degrees Aquarius, sextile the Sun and trine the Moon. This brings a level headedness that hopefully keeps that Mars/Moon combo from getting too out of hand. It’s important to have talks now, but be clear about your feelings and those of others. What’s first and foremost is your delivery, whether it’s inviting and energetic, or combative and aggressive. You can be direct without angering others, and losing their attention. So the saying “pick your battles wisely” is appropriate now.

Always grateful for you Judy Crescenzo! Please email For a private reading!

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