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Full Moon in Gemini 2021

On December 18th at 8:36 PM PST, the Sun and Moon oppose each other; the Sun stationed at 27 degrees Sagittarius 29 minutes, and the Moon stationed at 27 degrees Gemini 29 minutes. This Full Moon is the culmination of the Eclipse season of Sagittarius/Gemini, and sets the stage for graduation.

This Full Moon is ruled by Mercury, and we are being led into the arena to fight for what we think is true. We have all been down this long road of consciousness; finding out who we are in relation to our world, under new circumstances. We have been forced to “reframe” our reality, to see it differently than before. With Gemini ruling our communication abilities, from speaking to reading the news, the “fake news”, social media and the internet, our neighborhoods and education, all of this has been under scrutiny. The need to be right has raised arguments between those who would normally agree upon subjects. Thoughts and beliefs are what it’s been all about, with the word “been” taking on greater importance now. This Full Moon should exaggerate this topic possibly even more.

The main theme of this time has been “Transparency.” This can be a scary process for all of us, from watching others telling their “truths” while others dispute it with a vengeance. How do we get to the real truth about what we want to know about? We have awakened to the idea we have been lied to, and will continue to be lied to until we research the truth on our own. Through this period we have gained skills in finding the truth, endlessly searching until we find that feather of truth to set our compass to. It is knowing that we’ve reached our ultimate understanding and the peace that comes with it.

With this Lunar Event we have some additional help and challenges. To begin with, Jupiter at 28 degrees Aquarius sextiles the Sun and trines the Moon. Jupiter in this Air Sign exaggerates by nature, and here it expands our awareness and enlists our generosity. The key is to keep things in check and not let ourselves overdo it.

The Sun and Moon are both square Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces. This can make it difficult to really see the truth, as Neptune can cloud our thinking and push us emotionally to act. We can easily be ushered into dreams, fantasies and visions of the future. It opens our creativity to reconsider our options, and inspires spiritual remedies. We can use this energy to springboard us from disillusion to clarity, if we don’t fall victim to trying to avoid or escape the hard realities of life.

Simultaneously, there is a powerful conjunction between Venus at 26 degrees Capricorn and Pluto at 25 degrees Capricorn. This conjunction began December 11th, and with the direct/retrograde movements of Venus will ultimately end March 3rd, 2022; and will be joined by Mars to an exact degree. This planetary relationship brings into question our values, who/what we love: (Venus) and power, manipulation, possible deceit and control: (Pluto). This makes us reevaluate those we love and are in relationships with. This conjunction brings us irrational feelings, compulsive behavior, and passionate and intense experiences. It's the proverbial tipping of the scales to throw us out of balance and acting out. You may experience both the agony and the ecstasy in love, and will be changed in a deeply fundamental way. This may come about through painful and difficult confrontations and separations, and can happen in friendships as well as love relationships. Don’t turn away, run from the truth; but admit your part in whatever is happening and “tweek” your behavior to be more in line with your truth. And if breakups are necessary, then you’ll really know.

Soon after this event, on December 21st we have the Winter Solstice. This is the shortest daylight of the year, and with it comes the Dreamtime of Winter. Time to hibernate and dream in our next bring your awareness forward to recreate your consciousness to be more aware, alert and awake to our new reality.

Judy Crescenzo

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*photo credit: Forever Conscious

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