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Full Moon in Cancer December 29, 2020

Our last full Moon of 2020 lands on December 29th at 7:28 PM PST. This year our first Full Moon was also in the sign of Cancer and was a Lunar Eclipse (1/10/2020). It was a very powerful Full Moon to begin our year of changes. Now, this Full Moon closing out the year is illuminating the way forward into 2021.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, and is at home in this energy. It speaks of our home and family, our physical house and life it provides. This is the sign of Mother; the nurturing qualities of giving, sharing and loving. Now, as this Full Moon lights the way, we see where we stand after this past year full of fear, limitation and chaos. Where are the comforts of the past? Where is the security that this sign seeks to find? What have we learned about our creature comforts and whether or not we can exist without them?

The world has been stripped of the past. Nothing is as it was before. Or is that true? We have been taken into a world that doesn’t resemble what we have known, what provided us the safety and dependability we all thought we knew. Our eyes have been opened to so many issues that have been hidden from our view. Some people are in a state of shock, traumatized by the events going on. But others, having been forced to see truth being exposed everywhere, have taken off the rose colored glasses. They are adapting and adjusting to the changes and looking for new ways to succeed.

The truth is we are still here, our families surround us, our caring and loving nature has been reinforced as we see others’ suffering that we can help. We’ve seen people sharing what they have with their neighbors, people forming groups to gather and deliver food to those in need, loving gestures inspired by our situation. But then we see others acting out of fear, taking from others and destroying the sense of peace. Where do you stand?

The planet Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus is sextile the Full Moon. Uranus is the planet of freedom, and in the sign of Taurus, it represents our world, our Earth. This is such a blessing as this planet inspires us to de-clutter our emotions. To do a house cleaning of our sensitive nature. Uranus brings about sudden changes, and frees us from limitation. It shows us where we are stuck, stubbornly holding on to beliefs and fears that are long past their shelf life. So this team of Uranus and the Full Moon have our well being in store, if we are able to surrender to a new truth. So everything is different, so the world looks and behaves differently, set a goal to find a way to free yourself to a new you. There’s no sense in resisting, the course has been set for you.

Uranus also trines the Sun in Capricorn, another blessing! Sometimes it's so difficult to make the fundamental changes in our lives, but with this trine it can be exciting and creative. You can experience and express yourself more effectively than ever. Look to what needs improvement, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual and use this uplifting energy to reach your new you. Make the changes now, rather than being forced to make them in a way that is less pleasant.

So, on this last Full Moon of 2020, cozy up with those you love by a warm fire, a delicious meal, a good story about your relatives and those you care so much about. Let us get back to the basics of caring for each other, free from expectations. With our new understanding of the world, we must be optimistic and hopeful and continue on. Allow tears to wash away the pain and sadness and hold on to those you love. Let us make our New Years promise to ourselves to share more, love more, and care more in 2021.

Judy Crescenzo

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