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Full Moon in Aries 2022

On October 9th at 1:55 PM PDT the Sun and Moon oppose each other exactly at 16 degrees 33 minutes. The Sun in the sign of Libra and the Moon in Aries marks this Full Moon. As with all Full Moons, it is potentially the pinnacle of all things set into motion on the New Moon. The New Moon in Aries occurred minutes before April Fools Day, 2022, roughly 6 months prior.

During that time we were focused on our own power, the power of one. We were discovering whether or not we’ve accessed our personal power and how we wanted to proceed on our own behalf. Now, months later we see what our hopes and dreams have brought us. At that time the Sun and Moon in Aries gave us full fiery power to dream big; now with the Sun in Libra we are finding out if our goals were balanced or not.

This Full Moon in Aries has many facets to observe. First, let’s review. Aries is a Cardinal Fire Sign, as it begins the new Solar Year. The Fire element is quick, alert and responds immediately to input. You could say it jumps the gun, it is very reactive. It lends a force to be reckoned with. But, the Sun in Libra wants harmony, beauty and grace. It gives us a pause, directs us to reconsider and use our compassionate nature. So Aries, through this lens is subdued to a point; encouraged to contemplate solutions rather than act out.

This year the planet Venus, stationed at 13 degrees Libra, also opposes the Full Moon. This aspect can give you conflicting emotional desires and needs which can complicate your personal life. Don’t get lost in feelings that you cannot depend on your love partners to take care of you, as this one inspires that “oh whoa is me” attitude. You’ll know you’re there if you are seeking comfort like overeating or using. Rather, use the fire of the Full Moon to cut through the illusions we’ve set up for ourselves.

There’s a sextile from the planet Saturn at 18 degrees Aquarius that lightens the load. It helps us to keep perspective and objectivity about highly charged emotional issues, sometimes to the chagrin of others who might wish that you would react more intensely.

So back to square one. The Aries/Libra axis. Two very different energies, ruled by Mars and Venus. With all that is going on in our lives and our world, how do we balance these energies? I suggest you consider taking out a journal, or your computer and doing some writing. Begin with Aries, and list honestly all the personal goals you’ve registered in your mind to strive for. Go one by one until you run out of ideas.

Now, follow each one up with how you’ve done, accomplished, released, or still holding. Now, once that is complete look at Libra. List honestly all the goals you’ve set for yourself and others to accomplish together. One by one recollect every intention you’ve set that would enhance you and the group(s) that you belong to, from family to friends to teams, on and on.

Then follow up with the same. Do this in order to flush out any old, outworn objectives as well as reignite those waiting in the wings.

It is good to admit to ourselves where we still haven’t met our highest potential while celebrating our accomplishments no matter how small. This is a ritual meant to clear out the cobwebs in our mind and direct our attention in a fresh way. These two signs are about me and we, a topic we will have to contend with our whole lives. In order to do our best, periodically we need to clear out the files;)

Thank you Judy Crescenzo for your magic! For a private session email her at:

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