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Full Moon in Aquarius, 8/3/2020

On August 3rd at 8:58 AM PDT we have the Moon opposing the Sun at 11 degrees. We also have a T-Square from Uranus at 10 degrees. Let's look at what is going on with these luminaries and this planet. We know when there’s a Full Moon everything is peaking, exaggerated energies and extreme emotions. This Full Moon in Aquarius is the non-conformist; it inspires the energy of freedom and is a fixed sign that is anchored in individualism. It is an air sign of high humidity, being the “water bearer” of the zodiac. This means although it is detached and intellectual, it is also compassionate. It activates our merciful and benevolent humanitarian actions and motivates us to seek others who share our values.

Opposite this is the Sun in Leo, it’s luminary ruler. This means the Sun is exalted in this sign, in its purest sense. Leo energy is very creative, very dramatic, and can be very selfish. It is different from the altruistic energy of Aquarius and seeks personal recognition and authority. It focuses on the “me” where Aquarius focuses on “we.”

Now we bring in Uranus in the sign of Taurus; another fixed sign. This is the planet that is the ruler of the sign of Aquarius. While in the sign of Taurus, the rebellious nature of this planet is focused on financial institutions, technology and internet commerce. Many changes will take place in our value system while Uranus stays in this sign through April 26, 2026.

But how does it affect this Full Moon? First it asks us if we truly believe in what we are doing? Can we still accomplish our daily duties with all of the upsets and challenges from the outside world, or the subconscious forces from within? There is a temporary period of instability here that can generate tension and release in our personal and emotional lives. There can be sudden physical issues with our home or our families. The challenges are real here, and these combined energies are seeking to usher in change in a very dynamic way. We are being summoned to consider where we are stuck, it requires us to confront our own roadblocks.

To really participate in these energies in a productive way, don’t suppress it, deal with it! How you say? The first step is identifying the areas of life where you feel restricted. Where you may feel “the victim” of your life rather than the creator. Tell your higher self you are ready and willing to deal with how you got there.

On this beautiful occasion whether it’s day or night, allow yourself some time to devote to a “journey.” To begin with, find yourself with time alone to surrender to the exaggerated energies and use them for your own benefit. Create your sacred space with your power objects, flowers, oils or fragrances; whatever takes you “home” to your inner self. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine you are in a field of wildflowers. Your attention is drawn to the beautiful colors you see around you. Can you find a dominant color, or colors? Ask your Guides, Angels, Spirit Helpers to arrive on the scene to walk with you. As they arrive, feel the energy get ramped up to a very high level. Together look around you and find your most common flower’s color. Go to it and sit down, cupping the flower with both hands, and ask for it’s wisdom. Bring up your query of how you got to your current condition. Allow the flower to respond and share it’s “knowing” of your deepest issues and hurdles. Sit with this “color” and guidance until you are drawn to another color in the spectrum.

You may ask the same question or allow one to surface in the moment of asking. Continue this until you feel your questions have been answered for today. Then see yourself stand up in the field and embrace those who have assisted you in coming to help you. Then turn your attention back to the physical world, and write down what you experienced.

While going over this information, consider the ​colors ​that called to you in relation to your Chakra System. The dominant colors that spoke to you can be where your limitations live. For instance, if your dominant color was red, look to the Root Chakra for the information it holds in relation to your questions. Also look to the physical body and what this Chakra is in charge of to get more insight.

This is preventive medicine for the soul. So as we move through these revolutionary times, take the lead with a personal rebellion, and free yourself from limiting thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and conditions.

Judy Crescenzo

(email Judy for a Astrology chart and reading)

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