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Full Moon in Aquarius 2022

On August 11th at 6:35 PM PDT the Full Moon in Aquarius arrives! The Full Moon is the culmination of hopes, dreams and goals set on the New Moon in Aquarius back in February of this year. Take a stroll down memory lane and observe what your ambitions were at that time. How did you do? That was a time of taking a chance, being open minded and creating without fear. Aquarius is the sign of groups and associations, and takes us in the direction of combining our energies with others for a common goal.

Aquarius is a Fixed Air Sign. It sits in the center of the Winter season, stuck in its ways but open to suggestion! This is due to it being an Air sign, intellectual and mentally astute. It encourages us to KNOW, not just pussy foot around a subject. Aquarians make great friends as they can be trusted. Astrologers say that Aquarius is an Air Sign of high humidity, meaning it is compassionate intellect. It is a teaching sign, an energy that has arrived at conclusions and wishes to share them. They make great professors and mentors. The planet Uranus rules Aquarius, and is the activator as planets go. It is such a restless energy that it seeks out our rigidity and frustrated spirit and shakes it out of its complacency. Without Uranus rattling our cage now and then we would settle into destructive and limiting patterns.

The symbol for Aquarius is the Waterbearer, or waves of water. The pouring of the water from a reliable source and sharing it with others is the meaning. The water nourishes, like knowledge. It is bringing people into the fold, like baptism. Aquarians share their philosophy willingly. The highest use of this energy is to open up to the profound and share it with good friends. To see the family of humanity we belong to and work towards our highest manifestation.

When we have this Supermoon in Aquarius, the last one of this year, we can expect to be looking at the conflict between our proud individual self (Sun in Leo), and our team player (Moon in Aquarius). The emotions, our point of view, and the situation we are in will beg attention. There are some planetary influences exaggerating this Fixed opposition between the Sun and Moon to look at.

To begin with, the Moon is conjunct with the planet Saturn at 22 Aquarius. This tight conjunction puts a restraint on the otherwise risk taking Moon by saying “let’s break through, but cautiously.” Rather than the quick response, take time to look things over.

There is a T-Square between the Moon and Saturn in Aquarius; Mars, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus; and the Sun in Leo. The outlet for resolve lands in Taurus. Where the Sun is afflicted with Mars bringing aggression and a Me First attitude, Saturn making you feel inadequate and full of self doubt, and Uranus making you feel restless and unstable things can get difficult! Add to this the Moon and Saturn feeling the pressure from Mars as impatience with a hot temper, and Uranus making you want excitement and change. The keys to remember here are Mars in Taurus is tenacious about setting goals and achieving them. Time to be reliable and productive. Uranus in Taurus rebels against repressive attitudes and wants us to be uninhibited. So, the pressure is on to let go before it turns into an explosion of emotions. Get out of your head and make some changes happen, free yourself.

Whatever your goals were back in February, look at your life now and the associations you have made with others. Did you say what needed to be heard? Have you dealt with your relationships with others and kept yourself as an individual? Or have you lost yourself in all the chaos and forgotten YOU? Time to see where you sit in this conflict, and what you can do to remedy it. Take the high road and admit to yourself the truth, without fear, shame or blame, and chart your course for the highest version of you!

Thank you. Judy Crescenzo for this magical article! For a private reading email

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