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(v) to stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake.

We are so used to hearing to “forgive” those that have hurt us and betrayed our trust... But what if you took FULL ownership of this pain and betrayal? RIGHT NOW is a powerful time with many shifts happening in our planets, our environment and within oursevles. Stay aware and take notes!

This month is a great time to truly focus on your deeper feelings so you can let go of any stagnate energy that has surfaced. This is showing up purposely to help you conjure up forgiveness within yourself and to others!

When you find yourself in chaos with another person or within your self on a spiritual soul level, you have personally chosen these people to come into your life to teach you life lessons and possibly forgiveness. A great way to understand this belief system is to understand that we have two ways of teaching and being taught emotions that set our souls free of pain, and puts us into understanding the growth that can come from weighted experiences and interactions.

Here are the 2 ways:

1) If a soul has done inner work and has learned & grown from their past experiences, they will come to teach you forgiveness to encourage and help YOU forgive a past pain.

2) If a soul has not done their work, they will teach you by hurting you so you can eventually understand and learn to truly forgive.

When you can look at these two ways from your heart, you can find compassion for the soul that has “hurt you.” It’s our ego that wants to “punish” them for not evolving and not doing the teaching with grace. We are always in free will to teach a soul lesson. The more inner work you do, the more you will attract life lessons and teachings from more evolved souls. You are never powerless in any situation and to forgive, means to forgive yourself for the part you have played!

With the energy of Spring entering into our daily lives, it’s time to rebirth our lives by watching nature bloom, grow and spring forward! When we stay present, we’re able to see the beauty of our surroundings which brings the now energy into our hearts and lives.

Here is a great forgiveness prayer that I personally love and also share with my clients and anyone who is in need of an uplifting vibration.

I sometimes use it to forgive myself for making choices that I can’t let go of, or I use it if I’m holding negative feelings towards someone else... It’s bring so much peace and joy into my heart!

Ho’oponopono works by releasing and correcting relations from our past, present and future. In quantum physics, it is to believe we are living our past, present and future simultaneously, which is exactly what this prayer does)!!

When you work with this prayer you are clearing the waves of energy to cleanse and let go of these negative feelings and low vibrations. This helps raise your frequency to a higher vibration which can connect to higher vibrational experiences and relationships (more evolved people and experiences of inspirational growth).

Healing prayer technique:

Hoʻoponopono ( is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hawaiian word translates into English simply as correction.

There a few ways you can do this prayer:

1) Closing your eyes, meditating on the situation and repeating the prayer.

2) You can write down your name and/or the persons name you’re having to “forgive” and handwrite the prayer 10 times.

3) You can look at a picture of yourself and or the person you want to forgive, and repeating the prayer out loud in a repetition of 5 times. Once you finish the cycle of prayers, close your eyes to feel the release in your heart.


I love you (for who you are as you are),

I'm sorry (for whatever pain I've caused and for any karmic interaction),

Please forgive me (for creating this dynamic),

Thank you (for being my teacher)



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