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Aries New Moon, April 11, 2021

On April 11th at 7:32 PM PST the Sun and Moon conjoin at 22 degrees Aries, 25 minutes. This is our first New Moon of the Solar Year, and it brings with it a fiery initiation into the new year. Aries is the first Fire Sign of the zodiac, and represents beginnings. It is the new born babe born into a world they discover day by day with curiosity and excitement. This Cardinal energy inspires us to push forward, act on our visions and dreams, and to leave fear behind. The upside is natural leadership, courage, rapid insights, humor and a quick wit. The downside is disharmony, selfishness, arrogance and mischief.

This Fire Sign is ruled by Mars, the sign of the warrior. Always up for a good fight, this planet pushes us to look after our energy for the long battle. But, life doesn’t need to be a battle, unless we need to overcome our own foibles. So our struggles and confrontations that need to be dealt with come to the fore on this New Moon.

Aries energy points to the self; the individual. It wants us to have full power, unlimited by going after that which limits us. So during this New Moon we are encouraged to look at what limits our personal power? Could it be relationships? Our current career or profession? Our inability to live freely under the limitations of the pandemic? Whatever seemingly is standing in the way of us moving forward into a more fulfilling life is here for us to explore.

Joining the Sun and Moon in the sign of Aries is Venus and Mercury. Their energies provide a narrowing of the viewpoint of what is truly valuable (Venus) and what do we think about it (Mercury). Rather than looking at the group, we zero in to ourselves and ask the question, “who do I want to be when I grow up? After all, this sign represents the child, and in our perusal of these thoughts, we come from a place of innocence and openness. It is time for us to return to our childlike nature, and be daring and dynamic in our choices, thoughts and communications.

Just like the child doesn’t like hearing “no”, this can be a time of acting out, saying what you’ve wanted to say for a long time, and being impulsive. Naturally you will want to argue points, be right, and make others see things the way you do. But considering how well this has worked for you in the past, you may want to use this vital energy to intellectualize (Mercury) the best way to be heard. The issue with Aries influence is not thinking before you speak or act, so keep this in mind when conveying your feelings.

Also influencing this New Moon is Pluto at 26 degrees Capricorn, squaring the Sun and Moon, and exactly squaring Venus. Pluto squares to Venus inspire transformation in

love relationships, monetary situations, and values in general. You may change your mind about someone or find the relationship needs a modification. Follow your heart, don’t be afraid, tell the truth.

So it’s time to fight the good fight, on behalf of yourself. To let go of what limits you, to find the courage to make no more excuses for your lack of happiness. There are ways to grow, even under these limitations put before us. Don’t be a victim of your life, be the creator with these planets and luminaries opening the doors for us. Time for action; we are the children in our new world, no matter how old we are.

By: Judy Crescenzo (email for a session)

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