"You could feel the power of the energy when we stepped foot in SMdA.

But what made it more magical was the beautiful souls of Jennifer and Aleyna, who made sure that the experience we had there was nothing short of amazing. I came away with a deeper understanding of my own power and how to move into the future embracing the changes that I needed to make." 


"Jennifers retreat was one of the best experiences I've had. She has setup an environment that is magical, supportive, safe and healing! I HIGHLY recommend going on any of her retreats! "


"I can’t express the amount of joy I had when coming back from the San Miguel retreat that Jennifer Schaefer put on. It was the perfect self fulfilling vacation and one that everyone should build into their lives. I felt rejuvenated, learned about myself, and discovered things I need to work on to continue to hone my inner peace and happiness."


"Thank you Jennifer!! The San Miguel retreat was incredible. With your guidance, intuition and wisdom, you somehow created the space for a personal and individualized journey for each of us, with the benefit of having a wondering group to share this life-changing experience. And best of all, I had fun and felt more refreshed than any other vacation I’ve taken! I’m so grateful for you and what you’ve created with this retreat!"


"I will always be grateful for my experience in San Miguel de Allende. Daily sessions with Jennifer, group ceremonies, enchanting accommodations, beautiful sight seeing around town, and private appointments with healers brought me into my heart center where I experienced tremendous healing and a new sense of hope!"


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