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The Winter Solstice 2023

On December 21st at 7:27 PM PST the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn at 0 degrees 0 minutes. This is the last cardinal sign of the Solar year, setting us up for the next three months of the Winter season. Each and every year this is a new beginning, a time of reimagining a future we want to be alive in. And because this is a Cardinal Earth sign, we look to our planet and our relationship with it. Are we in service to her, or working against her?

This is a magnificent time to be alive as we came here to make a difference. A change in our way of seeing the world and our place in it, as well as looking at the biggest picture of what our Mother Earth is experiencing in tandem with that. She is going through a rebirth, but first we must see what needs to be done that we can be part of. You may believe you can’t do anything that will make a difference to the betterment of man/woman kind, but we all can. Here’s how to figure out your mission.

Consciously speaking, those who read this are meant to. That is how life works. If something is brought to our attention, we can take it or leave it, but it is meant to make us aware of our choices in life. At this magnificent moment in life, we are all being escorted to our highest version in order to be of service. The synchronicities of how life is unfolding for us, the moments of deja vu, the recognition of those we meet and feel a kinship with are all acclerating. The whispers from our inner counsel are becoming louder. We are entering the “Dreamtime” season, where we slow down our physical selves and open ourselves to the inner work. Know thyself is the way.

So just how do we “know” ourselves? There are many tools available for this, from meditation, deep hypnotherapy, looking at our astrological chart, to studying metaphysics and subjects that take us to seeing things differently. Rather than feeling trapped here in an ugly world, we look to Spirit for answers. And the answers are given to us to calm the seas of change to see what the Divine purpose is. You may come to learn you “chose” to be here at this time, as we are going through a tremendous transformation as humans. We are moving at light speed into new technologies, new opportunities for changing how we live in our world. Our jobs are to pay attention, and not feel like a victim of our existence.

On this Winter Solstice we have a combination of luminaries and planets here to help us. The Moon is stationed at 0 degrees Taurus, which trines the Sun in Capricorn exactly. This is an Earth Trine, bringing us into action for organizing our physical well being and grounding our approach to life. Earth signs are the performers on life’s stage to show others how it is done. There is a balance when the Sun and Moon are in this aspect to each other. You feel that you have the support of your family or others in your environment for your creative efforts and personal goals, which enables you to act with confidence. Mercury is retrograde at this time, as it began on December 13th and will last through the end of the year. Typically when it goes retrograde we have issues with computers, electronics, communications and travel. So rather than putting our energy into attempting to accomplish things in a speedy successful way, we need to keep in mind patience and again the “bigger picture" Mercury is 1 degree from the Sun in Capricorn where its influence is felt in the need for constant mental stimulation and activity. It is trine the Moon encouraging you to be an excellent teacher or counselor for you will listen sympathetically, and encourage others to express their inner thoughts and feelings. People will trust and confide in you, and you will be able to read between the lines and to sense what their feelings are as well as what they are saying. You can work well with and understand women, and the emotional at this time.

Also, the Sun trines Jupiter at 5 degrees Taurus, as it conjoins the Moon as well. You have big aspirations but do not need to struggle or labor to achieve them. Your self-confidence and inner harmony will attract success and benefits to you in an almost magical way. Your optimism and cheerful generosity also can win you many allies and successes in life.

The Moon makes for tolerance and forgiveness, always ready to overlook mistakes and give others a second chance. You expect the best from people and can draw it out of them, as you’ll enjoy making others comfortable and happy. Because of your emotional generosity, your life can be rich with friends, and often financial blessings as well.

So with this abundance of loving presence from ALL THAT IS, we can slip our consciousness into unity, oneness and compassion for all that we as humanity and our loving Mother Earth that supports our very existence is going through. We are all souls of the greater mission, that of becoming what we were truly meant to be. So strive for all that is right and resist falling into destructive patterns of hate and anger.On my channel on YouTube and Patreon I have shared for free Journey’s that can uplift your spirit and help you to understand why you are here and what you came to do! Let’s all do our part to make this world a better place to be in, no matter what you are told by those who aren’t here to assist humanity but to destroy our mission. Be the change you wish to see in our world, and one by one we will make a difference.

Judy Crescenzo

Come visit Skypatterns on YouTube and Patreon

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