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New Moon in Cancer 7/20/2020

On July 20th at 10:32 AM PDT the New Moon is in the sign of Cancer. Every New Moon we are inspired to set intentions, to give birth to the plans and ideas we will set in motion. With the 4 planets retrograde, and the Sun and Moon’s opposition to Jupiter, Saturn (exact), and Pluto, this New Moon comes with difficulties. The planets create issues that can delay or negate your goals, making it imperative to see the “bigger picture”.

What have we learned from these conjunctions? (Review ​Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter Conjunctions of 2020​) Wherever our lives have been transformed, where we find ourselves limited and uncomfortable, will tell us how far we’ve come or haven’t. Taking a personal look at what we’ve done under the conditions we are in tells us the

choice we have made on how we are handling these energies. By no means am I saying our suffering has been in vain; but having the ability to reframe our circumstances to stay positive and healthy in the midst of it is the lesson.

Cancer is the sign of the Mother; nurturing, caring for the greater good. It is a water sign, ruling our emotions, our sensitivities and our instincts. When the Sun and Moon are in Cancer we are extremely intuitive and feel everything. We remember our past which is just a memory now, and dream our future vision. Where this degree of Cancer is in our natal chart, 28 degrees, will show us just how and where we are being encouraged to recreate ourselves.

Collectively we are experiencing an upgrade. We are being asked to leave behind our past lives and have a “rebirth”. This Moon will assist us in this time of labor from our old selves to our new self. I’m sure you’ve witnessed the explosive energies that have been tearing our world apart, now it is time to dissect ourselves and recreate. New ways of support, new ways of parenting, new ways of viewing ourselves. We’ve been given the time (some may say it’s been forced upon us) to look deep within and admit to who we’ve been in our past. Those options are no longer available to us so we are having to renegotiate how we live in the world. This can be a time of freedom from who we thought we were to who we are becoming. Instead of seeing the world stacked against us, we can have the broader vision of time and life recalibrating to a new reality.

So take this moment to connect with Great Spirit for a celebration of the new you. The way to the future is through the past. Surround yourself with beauty; your favorite crystals or stones, a lovely candle, some fragrant flowers. Ask for guidance from your

ancestors, your guides and angels, the invisible ones, and those who look after you. Breathe in the love and exhale your limitations. Find yourself in the void, as if you are in Mother’s womb. Listen to your heart beating, your body’s breathing, and allow yourself to RELAX. Imagine you are at a beautiful beach at the ocean, a lake or river. Beginning at your feet, see yourself in that environment, and from the ground up witness your appearance. What are you wearing? Shoes or bare foot, clothing or naked, male or female..... Do you appear strong and happy or weak and hopeless? Take mental notes.

See yourself effortlessly moving toward the water, knowing it’s all embracing warmth and ability to make you “lighter” as you float out into it. Allow yourself to be at peace in this environment as you pray for layers of you to simply melt away. These layers hold all of the fears, phobias and inhibitions. Like a snake shedding it’s skin, ask these waters to remove that which no longer serves you. You may see “floats” attached to you, keeping you from submerging yourself in these waters. They represent the layers of the past that keep you from your unlimited self. See the layers float away from your body, and the burdens they represent. Speak to them as you gently let them go. You no longer need to believe you are stuck and unable to change. We are all meant to grow now, so stay in this water until you feel rejuvenated and reunited with your higher self. Once you feel ready, see yourself step out of the water and warm yourself on the shore. It is a glorious feeling to be refreshed and reinvigorated here.

Bring yourself back to your body and once you are fully back, write down what you witnessed. How you were dressed or undressed in your vision, the colors you wore and how it felt is all important and can alert you to the state you arrived in. You may have appeared different stepping out of the water, all the details of your journey are full of insight and wisdom.

So make this New Moon your time to celebrate what you are becoming and know no matter what the planets are doing, you have control of your Spirit. Have a beautiful journey and a beautiful rebirth.

Judy Crescenzo

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