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New Moon 10/16 in Libra 2020

The New Moon in Libra occurs Friday October 16th at 12:32 PM PDT. This is quite a loaded month, with two Full Moons and plenty of planetary action happening at the same time. On this day, the Sun and Moon in Libra at 23 degrees have a square from Pluto (at 22 degrees Capricorn) and Saturn (at 20 degrees Capricorn); as well as an opposition to Mars (at 20 degrees Aries). Wow. These are all cardinal signs, meaning the energies are ambitious, instigating, and action oriented.

The square from Pluto can dredge up past behavior patterns that are no longer viable in today's world. It can disrupt through compulsive actions that hit at the heart of your unconscious cues. There may be significant changes in your relationships and domestic life that need dealing with. Saturn adds an isolated feeling, and possibly depression. These planets are steering us towards a new understanding regarding the balance of our priorities in our lives now. Are we paying enough attention to what is most important, who is most important, and how in these changing times we can evolve?

Then on to Mars in Aries opposite this lunation cycle. This is a period of testing and confrontation that will point out the strains and stresses in our closest relationships, as well as the positive and strong parts. You may see someone close to you acting out your unconscious drives, mirroring your own behaviors. Look very carefully at them as they are reflecting your own inner attitudes. Allow the pressure to be released in a creative, loving way, revealing the truth. Mercury goes retrograde again in Scorpio on the 14th of October, setting the stage for breakdowns in communications, devices and negotiations. This only adds to the confusion and irritation in trying to be understood.

So, in knowing the planets and luminaries are conspiring to push us forward, once again, we have choices to make. We can set a new intention, true to the energy of the New Moon. We can set our intention on strengthening our closest relationships by digging deep into our subconscious for clues on what to ACT ON. Are we at fault, have we been resisting our own growth by isolating ourselves? Or are others seemingly blocking the way to the closeness we require from them? In life as we grow we realize we cannot change anyone else’s behavior or personality except our own.

Libra energy is all about balance; me and you, them and us; and all of humanity. So change again will come from the inside out, from our deepest heart that resonates with all of life. What can we do to bring about this change? I recommend the Golden Rule; treat others as you wish to be treated. Don’t expect others to do the job of taking that step forward, take it yourself.

If you don’t have the opportunity to clear the decks on your relationships in person, may I recommend another powerful way to have the much needed conversations with those you need to speak to. Set aside time on this New Moon to be undisturbed, in a quiet and safe setting. It could be inside or outside, wherever you feel most nurtured, cozy and inspired. Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting comfortably in a beautiful room, full of whatever objects, artwork, colors, sounds, smells that you honor and love. You see across from you another seat, very comfortable and inviting. One by one, summon those people, alive or passed on, to join you and have a seat. Once they are there, begin your conversation with them, unburdening your heart with those things left unsaid. Without doubt, allow them to respond to you, and listen carefully to what they have to tell you. In this place both of you can release the misunderstandings, the hurt feelings, whatever has kept you from the peace that clarity can give. As the conversations end, see yourself getting up and embracing those you’ve communicated with before bringing in the next person.

Once you have spoken to all of those you wish closeness with, in whatever form is appropriate for you at this time, look around this room once again and thank all of those who came to work things out with you, and come back to the present. You may wish to write down your experiences, as they are fresh in your mind. Now, go about the rest of your day knowing you took action, as these energies required you to do. And know in your heart of hearts it will make a difference in your life and relationships.

Judy Crescenzo

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