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G R A T - I - T Û D E

Transformational Healing:

Gratitude (n) the quality of being thankful, eagerness to show appreciation for and to return kindness


When we think of Gratitude we think of being grateful for only the positives we received or of what we are manifesting for the future. But what if on the brink of this Thanks-Giving season we use Gratitude to focus on being grateful for the pain, the lessons of weighted experiences in our past, and in what emotions and pain 2020 might have brought to the surface?

When life "squeezes us" what comes out to the surface was already there, it's from our past. If we're ready to acknowledge these emotions and "feel them," it's because we are ready to heal. If pain emerges from the shadow, it's ready and more importantly, WE ARE READY to heal them!

Take a moment and think about what has been surfacing lately: have you had any negative feelings/thoughts? When we become “grateful” for these shadow experiences, the tough roads we've traveled have a purpose, and in this purpose we are able to take responsibility for the paths we've walked!

Examine your life through lessons of the soul. If you are the creator of your life, why did you create these past experiences? Why on a “soul level” did you choose to learn these lessons from the lower road? Be kind and be thankful for these journeys you have chosen. Take ownership of even the lowest points in your journey because these choices have shaped the positives of who you are today! Some of the lowest points of your past can be very tough to surface and face, but to accept what is and surrender, are the steps to embodying your spiritual warrior and living in joy while creating abundance in all areas of the roads ahead.

Take the journey of deepening yourself into your heart and healing emotions that have lead you to this moment of seeking truth. Allow yourself the grace to BE grateful, BE open and let go of the victim energy of yesterday by being grateful and powerful in this MOMENT!

I'm GREAT - FULL for you, seeking to expand and grow. I've learned on my "inner travels" that growth can be lonely, but when I embrace the changes and keep climbing to new heights, I end up meeting new people that inspire my journeys of deepening my soul connections! So THANK YOU for crossing my path! Have a wonderful season of Thanks-Giving! - 💓Jennifer



Handwrite your affirmation 10x times every night before bedtime (this should be the LAST thing you do before turning off the lights//*Restrain from technology at this time*). This helps change the vibration of an outdated belief in yourself, by reprogramming your neuro pathways.

“I am grateful for my journey and now I see my power rising from understanding my hearts journey with ease”

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