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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 4th 2020 9:44 PM PDT

Capricorn is the sign of the builder, the significant leader of projects; an earth sign with plans. It is a responsible sign that doesn’t like to show weakness, or appear unable to construct or reconstruct a stable foundation for whatever they are building. That is the sign of this Full Moon, opposite the Sun in Cancer. Every full moon is opposite the sun's sign, and with the opposition comes lessons.

With the Sun in Cancer, you have powerful emotional attachments to the past, your family, your childhood, those places you associate with safety and security and your beginnings. You cling to what is dear to you for comfort, like familiar patterns that soothe you. Cancer is a water sign; one of emotional responses and sensitivities.

This is also a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which should be visible beginning at 8:04 PM PDT through 10:56 PM PDT! The potential is expanded for us to make great breakthroughs in how we reconstruct our emotional lives.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis brings to light our security and lack of it. We are living through very unsure times. We find what used to bring us comfort and safety is slipping through our fingers, we are finding ourselves no longer in control. And Cancer energy is one that needs to control, like the good Mother energy that it is, in order to feel safe. So we are being forced to renegotiate how we find our new state of well being. What can we count on? Only ourselves.

It's time to look at our vulnerabilities and fears. There are real reasons out there to build more fears upon, to lose ourselves in and forget to look within. It’s like a drug that takes over our lives, and we become addicted to watching the nightmare as it unfolds. But what purpose does it serve to drain vital energies and hide like the Crab (Cancers symbol) from our own purpose. That purpose is always self improvement; working the universe from the inside out. That is our security, knowing that cannot be taken away from us, we can never lose it. Creating that bond with our own guidance and navigation systems onboard cannot be lost like the internet could.

So on this Solar/Lunar occasion it is time to celebrate the 4th of July as Independence Day for your soul! Take a moment to create your sacred space; preferably outside in nature. It could even be during the fireworks, as it will be up here in Washington state at 9:44 PM. Pray to the 4 directions bowing in each direction. Call in your guides, angels, spirit helpers with your highest good in mind. Ask the Capricorn Moon to shed light on your limited beliefs, your deepest fears and shortcomings. Once you begin to feel the presence of that energy, give it a name and speak to it like an old friend. Ask them what they need in order to move through and past this issue. Take time to listen and really hear their story. Once they have finished, assure them that now you are aware and will undertake the task of releasing them.

You may have more than one visitor; take the time to listen to all those who come forward. Once you are full of ideas and plans, thank all those who've come forward to assist you in your life and bring yourself back to full consciousness. Write down what you experienced as the conversations may be fleeting like a dream.

Having a solid connection with your own guidance will keep you grounded and productive. You will no longer be like a leaf in the wind, carried outside of your inner peace. Celebrate this 4th of July in a brand new way; one of freedom and self love.

Judy Crescenzo

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