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Full Moon in Aries 2021

On October 20th at 7:57 AM PDT the Sun at 27 degrees Libra 26 minutes opposes the Moon at 27 degrees Aries 26 minutes. With this Full Moon moment we have some powerful planets accompanying these energies; which can provoke deeply held opinions and viewpoints to be challenged.

To begin with, we have the Full Moon asking us, “what is worth fighting for?” The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, a warrior planet, bent on sovereignty, authority and control. It is a Fire Sign with plenty of passion and enthusiasm. And, it is a Cardinal Sign, an initiator that is willful and courageous.

Opposing this fiery Full Moon is the Libra Sun, asking us, “can’t we all just get along?” It takes the mental route, being an Air Sign, and in it’s search for fairness, justice and equality can be a source of a lot of talk and no action. But, alongside the Sun is Mars in Libra, bringing some strength and power, but still opposes the fight! It is asking us to bring diplomacy and conversation to the conflict.

But like a dragon entering the picture, Pluto T-squares the Sun and Moon, and Mars in the sign of Capricorn at 24 degrees. Yikes! The power of the opposition is released through Pluto, with a potential for achievement. Again we go back to the questions asked above and look for answers through Pluto’s eyes. This is the planet of transformation, of the Phoenix principle of crash and burn and rise out of the ashes renewed. In the sign of Capricorn it asks, “what should I let go of?” As in what can we truly affect, and where are we spinning our wheels?

This internal dialogue may escape into conversations with those relationships that need work. The need for independence, the pioneering spirit needs an outlet. While the Sun and Mars encourage us to use our words, Pluto says enough is enough! It's time to take action in one way or another, and transform this conflict into exercising our personal power. No more wimpy attitude, no more “oh whoa is me”, DO SOMETHING!

Search your heart for the conflicts that remain in your life, that you can truly reconstruct and rebuild. It may be in your relationships, those you love, those you work with, to those you deal with in legal ways. Have you spoken up, or do you live with the discord and strife? Are you blaming others and feel like a pot ready to boil over? These hostilities can drain your body, or even open you up to illness or disease.

So take the power of this Full Moon and use it to LET GO. Let go of mental confusion and take a side, let go of low self esteem and be the warrior in your life, take the high road to self betterment and work on consistent good behavior. For when we are proud of our actions, even the smallest of accomplishments, we light the way for more to come. I think part of the problem is we set the bar so high for ourselves we find it too difficult to manage. So start small, and work up from there. Take the first steps toward wellness and self respect. Build on them, keep track of them, and remind yourself that one success leads to the next.

So on this day, and those leading up to it, search your soul for the keys to your happiness. Put yourself at the top of the pyramid, the most important soul you know. You are in charge, you are designing your existence. What IS worth fighting for? You are! See the truth, take responsibility, be accountable. Pride is born on the wings of flight from that which no longer serves you. Feel the freedom coming from admitting your own shortcomings and truly working on them. We are on this planet to learn. It is a schoolhouse with many realities, many different cultures and peoples; but we all share common goals. Find your strength and make the needed changes in your life, and be the example for others to follow.

Judy Crescenzo


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