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Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2021

On November 19, at 12:57 AM PST the Sun opposes the Moon. The Sun is stationed at 27 Scorpio 14 minutes, and the Moon is at 27 degrees Taurus 14 minutes. This Full Moon is also a Partial Lunar Eclipse, beginning Eclipse season. This axis of Scorpio/Taurus will become the theme for the coming years, as there are more Solar and Lunar Eclipses to come in these signs.

For those interested here is the list:

Solar Eclipse in Taurus April 2022

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 2022

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio October 2022 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 2023

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus October 2023

So what does this all mean? First about Eclipses. Every year we have about 6 Solar and Lunar Eclipses, some partial and some complete. They indicate rapid change in the area of your chart they land in. So, for this one look at Taurus and where it sits in your chart to see where the fast track can take place. With an Eclipse, the New and Full Moon’s energy is three times more powerful. A Solar Eclipse brings the dawn of new beginnings and opportunities, and the Lunar Eclipse signals predestined endings, breakdowns or advancement emotionally. So this is an important event.

Taurus is a Fixed Earth Sign. Fixed, as it is the second month of Spring, and as with all Fixed Signs, is determined, persistent and willful. This Earth Sign is grounded in its energy, and is concerned with humanities needs; it determines what is valuable to us from love, food, to possessions and finances. It drives us to seek satisfaction and/or gratification. Venus rules Taurus, and is the planet of love, values, and the feminine principle. The Bull is the symbol for Taurus, and like the bull, Taurus is strong and harmless until provoked; then steadfastly holds their ground and prepares for a fierce battle. Their material goals are commonly the source of these struggles.

Back to the axis of Taurus/Scorpio. Again this will be an ongoing theme for the next two years. Taurus is about needs, Scorpio is about desires. Taurus is about relationships and love, and Scorpio is about sexual needs. Taurus is about nurturing while Scorpio is about destruction. How we approach these areas of life is in full view with this Full Moon Partial Eclipse. This opposition brings to mind how to balance these two; where is life lacking, and how can it be remedied?

Now, let’s add to this the other planetary influences that are part of this event. Jupiter at 24 degrees Aquarius squares both the Sun and Moon, exaggerating this energy. Jupiter enlarges the issues, and forces us to deal with them. This T-Square points to Jupiter in Aquarius for the answers. This takes the lessons from us in a singular way and points to all of us, all of humanity, in it’s struggle to find the balance between these oppositions. We are all being challenged to adapt, modify and rebuild our lives, and at times we push back, or accommodate accordingly. These parts of our lives are difficult to change, as we have attached ourselves to comforts and entitlements that may no longer exist in our new version of the world. Do we struggle to recover what’s been lost to us, or elevate our minds to see new priorities? Can we make every effort to let go of what no longer is available, or no longer serves us? Yes! We can be the change in our world by letting go and recreating under these new circumstances.

So, where we may feel lazy, indulgent, stubborn, jealous, possessive, we are expressing the negative attributes of this axis. When we look outside ourselves, and become part of the change, doing our part is a goal for us all. What do you have to share? This is not a time to be stingy, but like the holiday coming our way, be Thankful. Random acts of kindness, helping those less fortunate will do so much for us all now. Imagine a world where these issues have been worked through, after much change in the financial picture, the markets and food availability, land and property values.....the list goes on. The more we all work towards fulfillment that isn’t at the cost of someone

else's, we enter a life worth living.

While setting up your altar, or planning a get together for this coming event, bring color, scent and beauty to celebrate. Flowers, crystals, rocks, food, all power objects to the party. We are celebrating the gifts that life brings us, and abundance. Surround yourself with loving family and friends, tell stories and share with each other that which lifts your heart. Live in the harmony Thanksgiving symbolizes, and bless the world with your joy and light. We are all in this together, no man/woman is an island. Reach out with love.

Judy Crescenzo

email Judy for a private reading:

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