Becoming your own Healer


Tools you may learn:


Muscle Testing:

Einstein and Quantum Physics prove that everything is energy. Remember that energetic body we talked about? Energy runs through our bodies, through our muscles, and through our organs. In fact the nervous system is an energetic highway that pulsates to send and receive signals creating a myriad of responses in the organs, cells, and sensory systems of the body.

Information comes in to our four bodies for processing and is then released. This is very similar to our breathing. As information, contact with products, and different environments enter our physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic bodies we create a database. In muscle testing we tap into this database using the energy current that runs through our muscles. We test the muscles for a “strong” or “weak” response based on the information that our databases hold. After accomplishing the four steps to complete wellness, your energetic body is aligned with all living things, environments, and all existing compounds allowing you to muscle test food, products, and environments you live and work in. When you apply pressure to a large or small muscle group in response to a stimulus such as a food item, household product, or environment the database will respond with an energetic flow through the muscles that will create a break in the strength of the muscle for a negative or “weak” response or will create a cohesive, flowing current for a positive “strong” response. 

This technique of evaluating energy through the physical body feedback loop is an invaluable tool for navigating our toxic physical world. It is an essential tool for relieving and eliminating persistent physical ailments, depression, autoimmune disorders, early traumas, anxiety, and learning how to read your body’s biofeedback loop to understand your feelings.


Threading is a technique that allows us to use our energetic body through a technique of journaling. You are able to learn to pin point your emotions and disconnects. When we connect to our energetic body we are able to tap in to the limiting thoughts and fears from where they  originated and caused us to be misaligned. This process is like creating fabric. You must align each thread and weave them together to create a tight knit that becomes one whole cloth. As we create this whole piece of cloth, we must pull out broken, damaged or negative threads that weaken the whole. Bringing the origination points of fear, anger, physical ailments, and belief systems to your awareness releases the blocks that weaken our energy field or cloth and allows healing to happen. Threading and muscle testing allows us to “hear” the language of our energetic body enabling us to uncover disruptions in our master “database” that have been causing us pain, heartache, physical discomfort, and interrupting our vibrant health. This amazing tool allows us to have complete knowledge of how experiences negatively affect us. This tool helps set us free from our “stories” and allows us to feel the “truth” in all situations.


When we are able to find the way our mind quiets and is easily able to connect to our wise self from truth, you will have the ability to ground yourself.