Bali Spiritual Retreat 


Balian Healers:

In Bali you will get a unique experience to work with Balian Healers that are from small villages. They are not open to Americans. I have spent many years in Bali and have cultivated strong relationships with the community that allows me to take groups to these rare healers. You will learn about the Bali traditions, the healing practices and FEEL the transformational shifts that can only happen in the energy Bali.

Each healing is personal to you; what you are willing to release and desiring to gain. You will leave each session feeling vibrant, alive and in your heart center. 

One-on-one sessions with Jennifer and Janna:

Jennifer, being an intuitive healer that taps into your cellular body and helps you release blocks in your Emotional, Spiritual and Physical bodies using techniques that allow you to heal on a core level and transform to your highest path moving forward.

Janna is a healer that uses sound vibrations, essential oils to release emotions that are “stuck” in your body and imprinted. This way of healing allows you to physically let go of the emotional imprints you hold in your physical form.

Sample Groups:


Body Feedback Loop -  Jennifer will teach you how your body communicates to you. Your body is in constant communication guiding you to your “highest level of choices.” Most people have numbed this connection through their youth. You will learn how to “awaken” this connection so you are guided to your highest truth in any situation.

Creator vs Victim - Learn techniques that allow you to be a creator and manifest your highest path by choosing to be the creator, rather than seeing yourself as powerless (victim) in your life.

Journaling - Learn how to listen to your “wise self” when putting a pen to paper. This helps you understand your emotions and how your view the world you live in. You will also learn how to “reframe” limiting beliefs from a negative to a positive.

Guided Meditation - Jennifer will be taking you on a journey to processing your transformational growth. She will allow you to feel the “oneness” and universal connection in this unique experience. She uses Music, Hands-on Healing and Visualization. 


  • Private room $4,600 (airfare not included)


  • Shared Room $3,600 (airfare not included)


  • 7 days in Ubud


  • 3 days in Amed


  • Enjoy crafted local and fresh Bali cuisine from our private chef to the organic local cafes & restaurants


  • Private Car Services


  • Exotic Bali House Villa


  • Mother Temple Meditation Day


  • Water Temple


  • Balinese Healing sessions


  • Explore gorgeous landscapes, rich cultural history


  • Visit monkey forest

// Package Amenities Included //

** Airfare is not included**


"I knew I needed to take this Goddess Retreat to Bali. I thought I would "get some healing" and look for interesting jewelry as I'm a designer. What I didn't expect is for my life to completely change, but it did! I felt as if I dealt with a lifetime of stuff that I've kept deep inside within one week. From Jen, the temples, the waterfalls that purify you, the sunrises every morning, to the Balian healers it was life changing. The peace I gained, the choice to "let go" of things passed and to openly create and accept possibilities in my future that are the rights to each and everyone of us as human beings. I went knowing one amazing friend. I returned knowing six! This trip will change your life in a wonderful way if you are ready to let go and receive. Oh, I also found some really cool jewelry findings too!!!” T.N

"I never expected my life to change. Sounds like a movie trailer, I know, but my Bali experience with my group is indescribable. I can't say "was" because I carry these souls with me every day, in everything I do.
Oh...and there's Bali itself...magical, spiritual, healing...all understated. We visited a most-revered healers. There were children playing in the yard and one of them brought me a puppy and placed it at my feet and my friend gave the whole village candy. It was truly one of the most "freely" (is that a word?!) happy moments of my life.” S.S.

“Jennifer's retreat was one of the best experiences I've had. She has setup an environment that is magical, supportive, safe and healing! I HIGHLY recommend going on any of her retreats! “ J.J

“It's not an exaggeration to say that Jennifer has changed my life.
I first saw Jen in a professional capacity when I was in so much emotional pain, I couldn't take it anymore. She says that's why she's called "the alternative" - because you see her when you have no other alternative! But she should be your first choice. Her intuition and expertise started me on a path of change for which I'm eternally grateful. I saw her Bali retreat as an opportunity to say "yes" to life and get out of my comfort zone. I did, and it was, and my life was literally transformed. I came away from that trip with a deeper knowledge of myself and the ability to tap into my fears and address them in a healthy and productive way. I also came away from Bali with a group of new friends for life. I highly recommend Jennifer as a therapist - and her retreats as a journey of self- illumination. Thank you Jennifer for your insight, compassion and guidance. I am a better, healthier person thanks to your help.” B.C