"I knew I needed to take this Goddess Retreat to Bali. I thought I would "get some healing" and look for interesting jewelry as I'm a designer. What I didn't expect is for my life to completely change, but it did! I felt as if I dealt with a lifetime of stuff that I've kept deep inside within one week. From Jen, the temples, the waterfalls that purify you, the sunrises every morning, to the Balian healers it was life changing. The peace I gained, the choice to "let go" of things passed and to openly create and accept possibilities in my future that are the rights to each and everyone of us as human beings. I went knowing one amazing friend. I returned knowing six! This trip will change your life in a wonderful way if you are ready to let go and receive. Oh, I also found some really cool jewelry findings too!!!"


"I never expected my life to change. Sounds like a movie trailer, I know, but my Bali experience with my group is indescribable. I can't say "was" because I carry these souls with me every day, in everything I do. 

Oh...and there's Bali itself...magical, spiritual, healing...all understated. We visited a most-revered healers. There were children playing in the yard and one of them brought me a puppy and placed it at my feet and my friend gave the whole village candy. It was truly one of the most "freely" (is that a word?!) happy moments of my life."


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